I’ll have to admit, I woke up this morning seriously questioning whether or not I really wanted to continue with enforced chastity.  The nighttime erections reared their nastiness last night not once, not twice, but three times.  Coupled with difficulty sleeping due to the shoulder surgery/recovery the Steelheart biting and snarling all night had me in a mood to give up….almost.  I thought the best way to quash these feelings would be ask MrsL to take possession of the key that is kept in her jewelry box so I wouldn’t be tempted.  Thankfully, when I woke up MrsL all of those thoughts vanished.

She needed to get up with me to go shopping for her own cooking show tonight.  I always leave a buffer for myself so I knew I could wake her up slowly and affectionately.  All the while I was caressing her side, trying to work the soreness out of my shoulder, I leaned in and nuzzled her neck.  Her oooohhs and aaahhhs gave away she finally was awake.  I whispered in her ear how badly I wanted her at that moment…how badly I wanted to slide MY cock inside her warm inviting womanhood.  Her reply was quiet, swift, and very subtle.

“You have me and I’m not going anywhere, long deliberate pause, but the only thing MY cock is going to continue to feel is the inside of my Steelheart.”

Just hearing her say that shook the pity of being locked up from my psyche.  I have never struggled with being locked up and I’m so glad it didn’t last long.

We kissed for a long time.  Deep soul penetrating kisses.  Intermittently, MrsL would stop kissing me to reinforce the tease: stroking the index finger on my right hand while describing how she would rather be stroking HER cock, licking my lips before or after a kiss then saying HER cock would not be feeling her tongue any time soon.  It was seductive, sultry, and erotic.

At some point during this teasing, the hyper sensitivity to her touch returned.  The slightest glance of a finger up my arm send her electrical energy through me.  Listening to her describe how she would swallow HER cock down her throat then swirl her tongue back and forth up the length of the shaft had me shivering with ecstasy.  All of this had both of our engines revved up ready to go.

She took my right hand and very tenderly moved it down her body until it was resting on her mound:

“Why don’t you make that hand useful?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love using my palm, fingers, and knuckles to make her more horny and she has had the rare mild orgasm from manual stimulation.  My response was to begin begging to use my mouth and tongue.

“I’m too relaxed right now…I just want to stay this relaxed.”

My brat mode kicked in again; whimpering and repeating please over and over.  She just laid there not saying a word as I wiggled my fingers in her moistness.

When she pushed me away from her I got another one of her surprises:

“I’m so relaxed right now that you couldn’t make me cum…and that is a challenge!”

Challenge accepted and she amplified the difficulty by not making a sound and pulling me up to her face a couple of times to ask questions:

“Isn’t next weekend our anniversary weekend?”

“Yes, Princess.”

She pushed my face back down to her heat. Just as she started to arch and squirm I felt her hand in my hair pulling me up again.

“If I’m going to fuck you next weekend to the point of forcing you to cum while being fucked…?”

She placed my mouth on her left breast and let me flick my tongue over the nipple a few times before pulling me back up face to face.

“And, If I’m going to tie you to a chair and make you watch me masturbate to my first ever self orgasm…”

At this point the Steelheart was viciously throttling the erection fighting to escape. MrsL placed my mouth on the other breast and just as I started to swirl my tongue around the fully engorged nipple I was being pulled back to her face.

“Which one do you want to experience first?”

MrsL has pounded me several times but never until I had an anal orgasm.  She has NEVER masturbated to an orgasm.  My mind was racing!

“Well, which one do you want to experience first?”

“Princess, I want to be tied up and watch you experience your first solo orgasm…please!”

The voice in my head must have been audible because as I was biting my tongue to keep from saying I wanted to be left in the Steelheart to experience this wonderful event, MrsL asked:

“If I let you choose, would you want to stay in my Steelheart or be unlocked?”

Damn how did she know exactly what I was thinking at that exact moment.

“Princess, I would want to stay in your Steelheart but that decision is truly yours.”

As she was sliding my head down her body firmly planting my mouth on her now dripping pussy:

“Well then I guess I don’t need to take the key to the Steelheart with us next weekend then do I?….Oh, my challenge for this morning is still on!”

I attacked, YES attacked, her labia like a rabid dog…a gentle rabid dog.  I slid my tongue deep inside her licking up the entire length of her swollen labia landing my tongue on her clit.  Normally she would be arching and moaning like mad…not this morning.  I was not going to be deterred by her silence.  I was going to win the challenge.

Moments later, with no warning, she arched up and was pulsing in my mouth stronger than she has in a long time.  When her initial orgasm begins, I always suck her clit as far as I can into my mouth. This allows me to truly take in her energy…not to mention it ALWAYS causes her to arch up hard into my mouth!

I crawled up beside her and gently kissed her cheeks.  We lay there for a few moments just breathing, legs in a serpentine knot.  It was glorious.  All I could think about while we lay there was how glad I was that she had me locked in her Steelheart again.

As she got up, my brat mode kicked in again.  Making my best smirking sarcastic smile:

“Princess, I won the challenge.  What is my reward?”

MrsL motioned for me to stand up.  Once I was in front of her she reached down wrapping a hand around the Steelheart tube with one hand cupping my balls in the other for a few seconds…as if she was thinking.

“Your reward…you got to give me an orgasm.  Now go to work.”

How awesome is that???

Oh, if your wondering how long she is going to let me be a brat….stop wondering.  When the doorbell rang with her first guest showing up for the cooking show I went and let the guest in escorting her to the kitchen.

“You owe me 20 minutes…you know what to do…bye.”

That was a 20 minute time out in the closet.  My nipples and calves are still screaming from that little punishment.  Is it enough to squelch the brat mode…we will see.






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