The past thirty six hours have been interesting and comforting.  They have also given me some insight in to why MrsL waited for so long before ordering me back in her Steelheart.  I guess you could say that she and I have both been getting reacquainted with the ebb and flow of a Wife Led Marriage.

After surprising me with the direction to lock away my manhood in her Steelheart yesterday the remainder of the morning was a blast.  Being her servant for the morning was a very new and challenging dynamic.  I’m a brat.  I’ve always been a brat. Yesterday, my brattiness was on full display.  I was not supposed to speak but I couldn’t resist; well, until I got sent to the garage.  MrsL has never been all too serious about disciplining me. Even before we took a break from our WLM last year the discipline happened randomly and very rarely was severe.  First thing to get reacquainted with:  being spanked.

Finding her in the kitchen, I walked up behind and wrapped my arms around her while attempting to kiss her neck.  She wheeled around pushed and pushed me away:

“If I didn’t already say this, my servant is not allowed to touch me at all…anywhere until I say so. Why are you not making breakfast?”

All rules flew out of my head immediately and I began asking why.  Not a good idea.

“Take yourself out to the garage.  I see I am going to have to teach my servant that I mean business.  Go!  Oh, where is my new discipline device?  You go get it and have both it and the leather riding crop available for me.”

Her new discipline device, the long thin plastic rod used to open/close a set of mini blinds.  We have been replacing our blinds on a room by room basis.  I made a comment in passing that it might be a fun little addition to her discipline tools and she, to my surprise, agreed.  I retrieved it from the closet under the stairs and walked out to the garage. Needless to say, my bratty comment about adding it to her discipline tools was a bad mistake.  This thing is flexible and whistles through the air when wielded by her hand.  I got the leather crop from its storage, placed both the crop and plastic rod on the hood of her car, then I leaned over placing my chest on the hood.

After making me wait bent over the hood of her car for a few minutes, MrsL walked over and selected the leather crop first.  As she tenderly caressed my naked ass cheeks:

“Today, until I release you, you are my servant.  I gave my servant very specific rules to follow before we left our bedroom.  Since my servant doesn’t seem to think MY rules need to be obeyed I am going to have to teach him that I WILL HAVE MY RULES obeyed.”

The first swat set the tone!  There was no warm up.  There was not a hint of mercy.  There was only instant heat from the stinging leather against my bare skin.  Thirty swats, and yes she had me count them out loud, she walked away.  At least that is what I thought.  I went to stand up:  “I didn’t tell you to move.  I am not done. Get back in position!”

I watched as she put the crop down and picked up the plastic rod.  Testing its flexibility in her hand she turned to me and commented about how effective it was going to be. Moments later, I heard it whistling through the air then felt it land on the already sore painful skin.  Thankfully, she only gave me a dozen lashes with this before again gently caressing each ass cheek then pulling me up and around for a hug.

Reaching up to wipe the moisture from my eyes, yes this spanking drew tears as a good discipline spanking should, MrsL told me how much she loved me and needed me to understand that when she gave me a set of instructions she wanted them followed.  I knew I couldn’t ask but she quelled any thoughts of taking a picture of her handy work with “No pictures” as she turned and walked away.

“Now, where is my breakfast.  I have a lot to get done.”

I am a quick study.  My inner brat retreated to the corner of my mind and has refused to stick his head out since.

When MrsL was finally packed, showered, and ready to leave she called me in to the kitchen and reminded me that I would be her servant all day.  She reached around and gently slapped each ass cheek, kissed me deeply, then left.  I was left there straining in the Steelheart craving her touch.

As for the Steelheart, being locked in it makes me feel whole again.  Sure, there are the little nuances of becoming reacquainted with being locked in steel.  However, it was like sliding into an old comfortable pair of jeans.  I mean the nighttime erections arrived like an old friend and quickly subsided.  I had changed to the 45mm base ring last year and found it made everything so much more comfortable.

As for the insight MrsL gave me about chastity…well…?

After she got home and I cleaned up the kitchen while she relaxed she had me sit down at her feet.  She leaned over and began stroking the cold steel driving me mad.  I could, in my mind’s eye, feel every stroke. The penis quickly began attempting to get hard.  It was marvelously frustrating.  Once she had my full attention she sat back and continued fondling the cage with her feet.

“So, before we order another chastity device you need to know why I have waited this long to put you back in my Steelheart.  I have never seen you so defeated last as you were last year when you couldn’t get or stay hard when I let you out of the Steelheart to play.  I want to make sure keeping you in chastity was not the cause of those issues.”

Well, since then I have been seen by a urologist and am being treated for BPH which includes a daily low dose of Cialis.  I also had my testosterone levels checked and switched to a different doctor for that treatment.  It has resulted in my erections being more firm and my rebound time shorter.  I reminded her of these changes.

“Yes, I know and I have enjoyed them.  That is the other reason I have been so reluctant to lock you up…I am enjoying having free access.  However, I am going to be paying close attention to any change in your ability to get or stay hard when I let you out.  That will go a long way in whether or not I finally agree to spend the money on a titanium chastity device.”

So, now I know.  I mean I knew she told me she not to worry about the ED issues last year when they were happening but she obviously thought the Steelheart had something to do with those issues. We will see what happens.

All I know, is I feel more relaxed and complete the past day and a half.  I know I belong in some type of chastity device and am very thankful MrsL has locked me in her Steelheart again.  Oh, this morning I checked my backside in the mirror before I went to get my testosterone shot.  Yes there were still marks from the spanking. The nurse who gave me the shot, yes it goes in the big muscles of the gluteus maximus, didn’t say a word but I’m sure she noticed as she gave a cute little “huh” when I pulled my sweats down enough to expose enough area for her to give the shot.  Fun!!!





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