Boots, Bare Skin, and The Steelheart

Last night was date night.  We have committed to getting out of the house together for dinner, a movie, going to a bar/club, or whatever 2 or 3 times a month.  Sure, it doesn’t seem like much but for us it is quite a big deal.

For our first date night of the year we chose dinner and a movie.  We were trying for an afternoon matinee then dinner.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way as MrsL’s host for her sales show today kept her busy most of the early afternoon planning out today’s cooking show.  As she was finishing up with her host I went to shower and get ready.

As I told her where I was going, MrsL gave me explicit instructions for the evening:  make sure I was shaved clean below the waist, I was to wear the khaki trousers that were clearly showed off “her cock”, and I was not to wear any underwear.  To say I was excited would have been an understatement and as I was still wearing cotton pajama pants MrsL noticed and just smiled.

After the shower, I sat down on the couch and apparently took a brief nap.  I don’t remember falling asleep; however, when MrsL gently nudged me to tell me she was ready about an hour had passed.  My eyes took in the beauty that is my curvy, busty, Princess.  She was stunning in her short black dress accentuating every alluring curve.  Her black leather mid calf boots were topped with white lace socks.  I have had a fetish for lace socks since ZZ Tops video to She’s Got Legs debuted when I was in high school. MrsL has always fueled this fetish at home but never really wore them in public.  I was absolutely awed at just how sexy she looked.  The final piece of her outfit tonight was a neck scarf.  The neck scarf, in and of itself, was nothing spectacular; except, she had the knot of the scarf tied to fall so your eyes were drawn right to her breast.  So damn HOT!!

She noticed the bulge in my khaki’s.  “I guess you like the way I look tonight? Okay, I’m ready.”

She sauntered away and I quickly followed.

We went to our favorite restaurant and even with them screwing up my order and free desert we still finished with an hour to spare.  We decided to go ahead and drive to the Cineplex.   Much to our surprise, the theater for our movie was already available.  Oh, we went to see The Greatest Showman…it is a great movie.  As we entered we noticed we were the only two in the darkened room.  How fortunate for us!! This was the beginning of a steamy sultry evening.

As we settled in our preferred location, last row in the middle of the screen, MrsL pulled up the armrest of her seat and had me straddle and sit on her legs.  Until we heard the door open, about 35 minutes, we made out like horny teenagers.  The irony was not lost on me:  date night, darkened theater, and kissing with heavy petting.  MrsL toyed and pinched my nipples using them to pull me in for kissing.  She ran her hands down over my pants and giggled at the outline of penis.  Any attempt by me to run my hands over her body as met with a sharp rebuke. My subspace was running at full throttle.  When the door finally opened, I hopped over to my seat.  The three teens that came in sat down a few rows so MrsL spun around and put her booted legs in my lap.

I began massaging her legs and decided to chance sliding my hand up her thigh.  She let me.  Running a finger over the cotton panties covering her pussy made her gasp loud enough that the teens all jumped a bit.  She was wet and I was still bulging in my khakis. Unfortunately, the next two folks who came in climbed the stairs all the way to the back row and sat about five seats down.  Obvious playtime was over.

Off and on throughout the movie, MrsL would put her hand in my pocket stroking me to an erection several times.  I could feel precum on my inner thigh and knew there would be an obvious spot when I stood up but neither of us really cared.  Thankfully, the spot wound up being mostly covered by the shirt I wore when I stood up.

After the movie we wanted to find a place for a couple of drinks.  We drove around to a couple of different bars before deciding to just go home and pop a bottle of champagne left over from New Year’s.  Once inside the kitchen and pouring each of us a glass…my world was rocked!

One of the best things about MrsL wearing her boots: once I take off my shoes she is taller than me.  She doesn’t like it much but took advantage of it last night.

Stopping me in front of the kitchen island:

“I know you like being tied up…tonight…you are going to be tied up in your mind.  I don’t want to hurt your shoulder so you will move only what and when I move you.”

My shirts were gently removed.  Her fingernails began leaving traces of fire down by back.  She reached around inflicting the same treatment to my chest.  Several minutes passed as she would scratch and comment on just how bright red her markings were on my white skin.  She would hold my glass up for a sip of champagne then take a drink from hers between scratching me.

Turning her attention to my nipples, MrsL alternated between sucking, chewing, or pinching  each one in turn.  Of course, the penis wasn’t bulging against the khaki for long once this nipple play started.  MrsL unbuttoned the pants pushing them down around my ankles before deciding my crotch, shaft, and balls needed to feel the beauty of her nails.  Exquisite.

After a few minutes, MrsL removed her scarf and blindfolded me.  I could hear her in the laundry room grabbing hangers.  Standing there naked from the waist up pants around my ankles, my mind raced.  I could still hear her boots on the floor so the image in my head drove me mad.  Moments later, as her arms reached around me, I felt her bare breast sliding against my back.  I wanted so bad to rip off the scarf.  I wanted so badly to see her standing there naked, at least from the waist up, in her boots but I didn’t.

She moved in front, backing up skin to skin, then took my hands in her.  As she swayed against my body she moved my hands up her ribs, underneath, then on top of her breast.  It has to be the closest she has come to fondling herself and was glad she was using my hands.  If it made her feel more comfortable doing that then so be it.  Once my hands were on her breast she reached around to play with the rigid cock.  She wasn’t happy about something and stopped moving behind me again.

Being blindfolded, my hearing always perks up.  I heard her sliding her panties down and over her boots.  The blood in my groin surged back in to the penis causing it to stand straight out.

“Please Princess….I want to see you…Please.”

My begging earned me some quick decisive discipline.

“Open your mouth!  This should keep you quiet.”

Her panties were stuffed in my mouth then I heard her sorting through her many kitchen tools on the counter.  Moments later, my ass was stinging from several swats with one of her wooden spoons.

“Next time, don’t speak unless I ask you a question, understand?”

“Yes, Princess.”

I felt her hands sliding up my ribs toward my shoulders then my neck the behind my head.  She was untying the knot from her scarf.  Draping the scarf over the still throbbing cock, and honestly I was amazed I was still rock hard, MrsL turned toward the sink.  I stood there watching in awe as my awesome Princess gave me a little show.

The sight of her standing there in her black leather boots with the white lace socks drove me wild with desire.  I wanted to walk over bend her over the sink and drive my cock deep inside her.  Instead, I stood there and enjoyed the visual that was my beautiful sticking her ass straight up in the air as she removed her boots.  Holy cow!

With her boots off she turned around and lead me to the sink by the erect penis.  She turned around squatting slightly taking the penis between her thighs and started grinding.  It was incredible.

When she was ready, the erect penis was again used as a lead as MrsL walked us through the house to the bedroom.  Removing her panties from my mouth she guided my mouth from breast to breast then down her body.  She was so damn wet and delicious.

After several orgasms she pulled me up on the bed.  We fell asleep, her on my chest, promising to keeps things going when we woke up.

When I woke her up at the time she wanted we lay there and talked and played for a few minutes. She edged me several times as we talked at one point straddling me to glide down the erect penis.  I can never last long when she has “cowboy’d up” and this morning was no different.  After my last pronouncement of close to yet another near orgasm, MrsL sat down completely engulfing me and looked deep in my soul:

“Since you distracted me last night from getting ready for my cooking show today, you are going to be my servant all morning.  My servant is not allowed to touch me after we get off of the bed.  My servant is only to speak when spoken to…and…my servant is only to wear MY STEELHEART and a pair of socks, understand?”

My heart was pounding out of my chest.  I almost lost control and had an orgasm as she clenched the penis harder with your pussy but I gathered myself.

“Yes, Princess.”

MrsL rolled off of me and walked to the bathroom.  She watched me as I got the Steelheart installed then locked it in place.

What a night and day!!




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