A Tendril of Desire

With my travel week coming to an end with an early flight (7 am) knowing I would be going to bed early, I received an awesome phone call about two hours ago. I think someone is stoking the fires of desire.

MrsL: “What time is your flight in the morning?”

Me: 7 am


Me: 7 am Princess

MrsL: “Well, I have decided to have a girls night out. I won’t be in until after you are in bed. All I will be thinking about all night will be your tongue waking me up.”

Me: that…

MrsL: “I didn’t ask you a question. Be quiet for me. Enjoy your potential last night of freedom. I’m wearing my key charm again. Sleep tight, my knight.”

The line went quiet.

I have been charged up ever since. I’m now packed and going to try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day!

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