First Trip and Stats Blowing Up

Well, it was inevitable and came quicker than I really wanted it to happen.  I have truly dreaded this day since waking up from surgery on November 20th.  The day I had to leave the comforting confines of home for my first business trip.

The day started off as any of my other trips did.  I got up early enough to pen a little love note for MrsL.  I ran to Sam’s Club yesterday and purchased a bouquet of fresh cut flowers (yes, I know what you are thinking…Sam’s Club…they have the best and freshest cut flower bouquets) so I left her love note resting against the vase with the flowers.  It is one of the ways I try to keep our relationship fresh.  I have been failing miserably at all of the other things that I should be doing to show my Princess the proper amount of attention and I fully intend on rectifying that over the coming weeks.  My goal is to rekindle our Wife Led Marriage and beg MrsL to truly take charge in our relationship!

I will admit, living a Devotional Sex lifestyle has been fun for her because she has really learned the art of teasing, edging, and denying.  However, I think she is seeing the differences in me while in her Steelheart versus running around free.  I am honestly hoping she has her Steelheart waiting for me when I walk in the door Friday when I get back.

Like every other Monday morning since November 27th, I went to physical therapy. Unfortunately, instead of going home and icing my stretched sore shoulder for an hour I headed to the airport.  I probably should have added some extra time to go home and ice, if only for 20-30 minutes.  The absence of ice therapy set the tone for my ill mood at the airport.  A new routine of having to check my bag along with a new rolling briefcase (I overload my backpack and always carry it on my right shoulder) had me just a bit irritable going into the terminal.  What is it with people who can’t look away from their damn phones for even a second.  By the time I finally made it to my gate I had ducked, dodged, and had a few choice words for a few people…all of which were barreling through the concourse head buried in their phone.  Thankfully, the flight wasn’t sold out and I had my row to myself.  I propped my arm up the best I could to avoid the beverage cart and took a nap for the hour long flight.

Upon landing, I decided to take a quick look at my blog stats.  I was a bit surprised at the number of visitors and views.  I wrote if off as one of those anomalous blips that happens every once in awhile and moved on to Twitter then my company email (notice my priorities).  One of my peers, soon to be one of my direct reports if this promotion goes through, picked me up and took me to the office.  I glanced at my stats again quickly before leaving for dinner and the views had jumped again.  Now, I was curious but couldn’t dig in to see what or why they were booming because I went to dinner with a co-worker.  Once at the hotel, I logged in to find out what was sending my stats upward.

Much to my surprise, I found where the blog Femdom Resource had linked to my blog as one read daily. Wow…I’m honored.  I have never had more than 400 views in a day.  Granted, I didn’t start this blog to drive views. I use this as a way to vent, write about daily life, and yes chronicle our journey into chastity, tease and denial, and Wife Led Marriage.  I hope the folks that clicked through today enjoyed what they read and come back every once in awhile.  I may not be the best writer/blogger but I try.

Thanks to Femdom Resource for sharing my site with his readers.

Now, time for some gummy melatonin, donning of the CPAP mask, and getting some sleep.  I will be dreaming of my Princess and becoming a better controlled hubby.

2 thoughts on “First Trip and Stats Blowing Up

  1. I have discovered that some branch chain amino acids (BCAA) plus a B complex vitamin really handles My post-physical therapy session fatigue/ aches/ pains. It works so well I no longer need any painkillers at all afterward and the three days after PT have gone from miserable to entirely manageable. I give eternal thanks to the good slave boy who brought it to My attention. Hope it may help you!

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    1. I have never heard of branch chain amino acids. Is there a name brand or a manufacturer you can recommend? Thanks for the advice I will certainly look into the option.

      I’ve also thought about Epsom salt soaks. Hot tub with two cups of Epsom salts worked wonders after hard crossfit workouts.


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