Going Away Gift

After nearly two months at home recovering from surgery I have to head back out on the road next week.  I’ll admit I have just a bit trepidation.  From having to change my routine (never checking my bag to checking my bag, giving up the backpack for a rolling briefcase) to fearing how I am going to manage the confines of a plane while protecting the shoulder from too much bumping and jostling, it all has me just a bit jittery.  I know, I am being a little impish and it will probably be just fine.

Then…add to the mix that MrsL left yesterday morning for a weekend sales retreat with her team in Charleston.  She is planning on staying over a couple of days to spend some time with 27 and his new girlfriend meaning I will not see her for a week.

These two “things” really put me in a funk most of the day Thursday.

When we finally went to bed Thursday night after finishing Stranger Things 2, MrsL was obviously in a playful mood.  Me…well…I had already taken some melatonin (it really has helped me sleep better) and was drowsy when she climbed up beside me tracing a finger down my chest to my crotch.  The melatonin really relaxes me so there was absolutely NO reaction to her desires.  This really poured fuel on the funk I was in!

Nonplussed by the lack of an erection, MrsL began lightly nibbling on the closest nipple letting the hand that had been fondling the cock find its way to the other nipple.  Within minutes, her attention to my nipples created the desired effect she wanted.  When she found the erect cock a few moments later she whispered in my ear:

“See, the melatonin can’t prevent me from getting what I want.”

She playfully began telling me that I was not permitted to cum while she varied her stroking style.  In that sexy sultry voice she has I was kept on the edge from her touch and her directions: “you can let your cum get here”  while gently rolling my balls in her hand; “you can let your cum get here” while softly rubbing a fingertip back and forth at the base of the cock; “you can let your cum rise up in here” while licking up the length of the shaft; “you can even let your cum get right here” while swirling her thumb around the glans then over the head playing with the PA jewelry.  It was hot and maddening.  When I began leaking, inevitably, I was treated with licking her fingers.

Finally, when she had me sufficiently lathered up and sucking precum from her fingers she pulled my eyes to hers:  “now you can let the melatonin work…give me a kiss, put on your mask, and go to sleep”. DAMN!!! I was rock hard and horny as hell.  She compounded that frustration by spooning her back against me trapping the erection between her ass and my stomach and just ever so slightly slid up and down the shaft.

I woke up about an hour before the alarm went off I was still horny.  I knew we both had some extra time waking up this early so I turned off the alarm and began caressing her wonderful naked body.  As she came out of her slumber she reached out finding my hair then firmly planted my mouth on the nearest breast.  She controlled how long I lingered on each breast teasing me by holding me just out of reach of her nipple, getting me close enough so the tip of my tongue barely flicked her nipple, before finally pushing me face deep on her breast.  When she was ready, she slowly guided my mouth down her body to her pussy.

I licked, nibbled, and sucked her womanhood to three powerful orgasms each time lapping up her sweet nectar as it glistened on her labia.  When she told me to stand up then rolled up on her back, opened her legs,  and placed her feet on my chest I just stood there enjoying the view while sucking on her toes.

“Well, what are you waiting for…I want that cock inside me.”

I was really frustrated at this point as the erection was at that semi soft state.  She could tell by the look on my face so she sat up and started paying attention to my nipples as she had the night before.  It didn’t take long for the semi soft shaft to be replaced by a full on sticking straight out erection.

“Now, take out that barbell and fuck me!”

The ball of the barbell was so slick with precum that it took a few seconds to get it unscrewed.  MrsL was making it more difficult by reaching out and stroking me to ensure she was sure to get what she wanted. Moments later she was again rolled up on her back, legs spread, guiding me inside her.  I buried myself inside her.  It was awesome!

As I began slowly gliding in and out of her velvety wet warm pussy she laid back and enjoyed the feeling for a minute or two.  Looking up at me with a smile: “Don’t stop my knight…enjoy this.”

I lost all focus and semblance of control.  I went full on caveman and began pounding her.  Her moans drove me mad.  I didn’t last long and was cumming inside her in a scant two or three minutes.  I have to admit, it had only been two weeks since my last full orgasm and this one was rather anticlimactic.   I lingered inside her for a few seconds as the erection subsided eyes closed basking in the feel of her warmth.  Her voice drew me back to her:

“You know what I want you to do now…or do I have to tell you?” were the next words out of her mouth.

I kissed down the length of her body finally landing my mouth on her folds.  My cum was just beginning to leak out of her.  The visual, the scent, the taste all combined to drive me wild.  I made quick work cleaning her burying my tongue deep inside making sure there wasn’t anything left.  She rewarded my efforts with one more hard orgasm…her vaginal muscles clenching my tongue.  She rode the crest of that orgasm for several moments then set up on the bed and pulled me up to my feet.  Looking deep into my soul with those piercing blue eyes:

“Well that orgasm of yours was very uneventful…I will definitely have to make you wait a long time for the next one.”  She then strolled in to the bathroom.  I washed up while she hopped in the shower.  I had to leave her there in the shower to head to the doctor’s office.  I left her a little note beside her keys when I left.  It will be a week before I get to snuggle up to her again…..!

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