After completing yesterday’s post I went back upstairs and crawled back in bed beside a still sleeping MrsL.  There is nothing more erotic and and alluring than watching my awesome wife laying there naked asleep.  Before snuggling up beside her I let my eyes take in the deliciousness of every curve on her body.  MrsL still struggles with sexual self confidence at times.  She has dealt with weight issues all of her life yet for me….she is BEAUTIFUL.   I love her curves.  They are simply luscious.

After letting my eyes consume her peaceful nakedness I climbed in the bed.  It was 11ish and she had been asleep for just under 10 hours.  I like to let her sleep on the weekend…it always means good things for me…if you know what I mean.

I gently traced a finger up the back of her thigh to the crease of her ass.  She moaned as my touch continued underneath both cheeks then back down the other thigh before moving it up to the small of her back.  Her deep breath and positioning herself on her stomach confirmed she was awake and wanted me to continue.  Being careful not to aggravate my shoulder, I gave her a quick soothing fingertip back rub.

She rolled over when I took a break and pulled me toward her.  Within moments we were kissing passionately.  It is amazing how a sensuous kiss can last for minutes.

“Why don’t you take that jewelry out my cock and slide it inside me?”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  You would have thought I was Flash.  I was jewelry free and standing at attention, both on my feet and her cock, in seconds.  At the same time, MrsL had move herself to the edge of the bed with her legs open and ready.  I kept looking her in the eye then down at her pussy glistening with her moisture.  With the little ‘come here’ motion of a finger she reached down and parted her labia and smiled.

I buried myself inside her and relished in the velvety smoothness with my eyes closed.

“Look at me.”

At first I thought I was in trouble because of that look she has until she smiled.

“You can go as fast or as slow as you want. I want to feel you get harder as you get close.  I want you to get closer than you ever have before when I have given you this privilege; but, YOU ARE NOT TO LET ONE DROP CUM ESCAPE MY COCK.”

My mind was reeling.  I had yet to attempt to pull back out because as she spoke she massaged the engorged cock with her pussy driving me mad.

“You will maintain eye contact at all times and follow my commands.  Now you may begin.”

At first I opted for a slow and steady rhythmic stroke making it easy to keep eye contact.  As I drew near my first trip to the edge she smiled:  “That’s the feeling I enjoy…you getting harder inside me…it is wonderful.”

She sure knows how to talk a guy closer to an orgasm.  I stopped all hip movement to compose myself and crawl back from the edge.

“You get as close as you want…but…you cannot completely stop when you are close.  You need to learn some control.  If you stop, you are done.  Now, AGAIN!”

Holy Cow!!!

She had fun with this.  Watching her eyes glimmer as I slid in and out of her was magical.  I never uttered ‘close’ because I knew I had to stop.  However, each time I had to slow down to avoid losing control MrsL would simply smile for a few seconds then “AGAIN.”

This repeated five or six times before the non ejaculatory orgasms began racing through my body.  I think the proper name would be tantric orgasms:  the physiological response of an orgasm without ejaculating. My body tingles as if I were ejaculating but I don’t.  The best part….the cock never fully deflates.

MrsL’s smile got bigger with each quaking quivering non ejaculating reaction from me.  She waited a few seconds each time….AGAIN…..AGAIN…..AGAIN….AGAIN.  I never really knew when I lost focus trying to keep up with how many times until I heard something other than AGAIN.

“When you are ready….you can make me cum with that magic tongue of yours…but it is your choice.  I like saying AGAIN.”

I was so damn close that I wasn’t sure how many more times I could hear again.  I went for one more then knelt down and put my magical tongue to work.  Her orgasms were fast and furious coming in building waves.  For each one, I buried my tongue deep inside her to enjoy how in clenched and released.  After the sixth orgasm was dissipating throughout her body…”Not again.”

I got up on the bed beside her and we cuddled and talked for a few minutes then got up and had an awesome day.


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