Shaving Fun & Travel Safe Chastity

MrsL has still not given the order for the return of the Steelheart.  I really do think she loves Devotional Sex.  I am enjoying it but am really craving having steel locked on me again.  Of course, I have to kick off my 2018 travel in a week and there was a new development with a travel safe chastity device yesterday.

So, as I was reviewing the choice of color and size of the HT v3 with MrsL yesterday (yes I waited one more day to order…I just had this feeling).  As we discussed color, she prefers the clear, she hesitated for a moment:  “So how much is the one you really want?”

I was a bit stunned.  We’ve discussed buying a Steelwerks Extreme device for months and even though we have set aside some money for that purchase it has been hard to pull the trigger and buy the device.  Then a few days back, Dual Drew wrote about investing in chastity which really caused me to think.  Maybe that is why I keep forgetting to order the HT device…maybe not.  However, MrsL’s question really made me think.

“Well, the HT is $165 and the one I want for you in full titanium would be 10 times that amount, at least.  We would probably need to visit the folks in Montreal to have it fitted because they make it from a mold of me when soft.”

MrsL knows I read chastity blogs so I told her about Drew’s new device and how it is being built from a custom mold.  I could see the look on concern on her face.  I could see her mentally crunching numbers in her head.  There was a prolonged awkward silence.

“Why don’t you hold off on ordering this one until your bonus?  We will make a final decision then.”

So, the HT v3 was not ordered.  My bonus usually hits in March.  Stay tuned.

Before all of this happened, we spent a luxurious morning playfully intimate in our room.  It has been nearly two months since either of us have had our sexy parts shaved.  Now that I can move my right arm, not completely but enough to shave her, she told me to get everything needed for the task at hand.  I LOVE shaving her.  It is fun. It is erotic. And most of all, it is totally intimate.  I took my time and loving removed the hair from her mound, labia, and finally her ass.  As I was wiping her clean, “You’re next.”

MrsL usually watches me shave myself…not today.  She had me lay on my stomach with my right arm hanging over the bed (for comfort) and removed the hair from my ass then had me roll over.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself edging me numerous times while removing the hair from my crotch.  Just when I thought she was finished she retrieved a bottle of lube from the night stand applying a generous amount to both hands.

The gentle slow stroking of the cock was paired with first one…then two…then three…then four….then all five fingers in my hairless ass.  Before inserting each additional finger she would gently caress around the inside of my cheeks.  It felt awesome…I guess…because of the lack of hair.  She gently wiggled her fingers applying pressure to the prostate all the while stroking the pulsing cock with various speeds and grip.  Every time I told her I was close she would stop moving everything…count to ten…then start all over again.  She counted to ten more times than I could count.  I was completely lost in the moment.  When she had her fun….she took me right up to the edge then abruptly walked away the “cl” of close passed my lips.  “Time to shower and run our errands.  What fun!!!

I am so incredibly lost in LOVE with her and the teasing, denying, and control she exerts over me….chastity device or not!

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