New Year…

My apologies as I have not had the time or the clarity to really sit down and write.  From having our youngest son home for over a month with his girlfriend coming and going all the time to the shoulder surgery; there has not been much of anything from a kinky point of few happening.  Sure, there have been flashes of fun but nothing serious.

MrsL has finally stopped hinting about the Steelheart to talking about it openly several times a day. Yet, she still has not ordered it locked on.  A couple of nights ago she talked about not being able to fondle, stroke, kiss, and suck on her cock WHEN she put it back in steel.  I was about to explode just from listening to her.  Of course as she described the things she wouldn’t be able to do anymore she spent several luxurious minutes doing what she described.

When I breathlessly mentioned she would control the key and could play with her penis anytime she wanted she just grinned and indicated she would be just as happy with seeing me straining against the steel as I gave her orgasm after orgasm.  That in itself caused me to have to utter that damnable word:  “CLOSE.”

As she worked me into a lather with her little tell and do story about her cock she refused to let me touch or kiss her at all.  It was full on teasing and straight up denial.  I was in a great place physically and mentally!  Then she swung around on the edge of the bed, opened her legs, and smiled.  MrsL reached out to grab her throbbing cock and guided the tip just to the folds of her dripping pussy.

I’m in control…you stand there and don’t move.

“Yes, Princess.”

Slowly, she slid herself over the head then stopped.  Her velvety pussy wrapped around the head causing me to gasp audibly.  She ordered me to maintain eye contact and smiled. For several minutes, MrsL used her vaginal muscles and hip movements to engulf the entire length of her cock.  Even though she has allowed me to be inside her a lot lately this was different. She was controlling depth and speed.  She was controlling her own pleasure all the while driving me crazy.

She closed her eyes at one point and I could tell she was focused on herself…something that she never does.  I was struggling mightily to control myself so as not to disappoint her and probably should have closed my eyes to increase my focus.  Alas, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from watching her slowly thrust and grind her womanhood on her cock.  It was the most connected I’ve felt to her in months.  Unfortunately, I had to utter “close” with a feeling of failure.  She opened her eyes and smiled:

You still are not to move.  Enjoy this!

My body relaxed as the tingling that I had just tried so desperately hard to control began racing through my entire body.  MrsL slowly increased her thrusting and grinding causing me to rock back and forth on my feet.  To keep this from happening she wrapped both legs around my hips and pulled herself as far as she could on her cock, which was going through that last phase of stiffening prior to an orgasm, and started rocking wildly.

Her breathing increased.  My breathing increased and my body flushed and I felt my balls begin to pull up tight to my body.  Just as I toppled over into that wonderful abyss that is an orgasm I felt something even more wonderful!  MrsL was having an orgasm as well!

It happens so rarely, I think she has had an orgasm during vaginal sex 3 or 4 times during our relationship!  Her pussy clenched and released around my cock almost in unison with each pulse depositing cum inside her.  It was glorious and seemed to last for several minutes.  I’m sure it was more like seconds…but it was awesome.

As the ecstasy of the moment drained away I opened my eyes to find MrsL still basking in the moment.  Slowly, a wry smile came across her face:

I think I want a few more orgasms.  You know what to do.

Being careful to only use her right leg on my left shoulder, she guided me to my knees.  As my head came into her reach she secured a hand in my hair and made sure I “knew” what she intended.  Over the next few minutes, I lapped up every ounce of cum I had been allowed to pulse into her body.  I was intoxicated on the scent and taste of our blended juices.  She had three more orgasms as I cleaned her up.  After the third one, she wrapped her legs around my neck, asking if my right shoulder was okay, and held my head against her mound for several moments.  While I was there:

I know I typically don’t tell you when your next orgasm will happen…and this may or may not be the date…however, our anniversary is over a month away.  You will not have another orgasm, at least, until then.  

“Yes Princess.”

Right now, you are going to remain unlocked.  That will be ending soon as well.  Oh, by the way I want you to order that other cage you showed me that is travel safe.  I am not letting you leave the house on business trips this year without my lock on my cock.

“Yes, Princess.”

This all took place the morning of January 5th.  Last night, as we were lounging on the love seat enjoying the peace and quiet she asked:  When does my new travel safe chastity cage arrive?

My heart sunk.  I FORGOT!!!!

I had to, sheepishly, tell her I had forgotten to order it.  She was not pleased.  It has been many months since I was sent to the garage for a spanking.  That ended last night.  My ass cheeks are still very tender this morning from the spanking she administered.  I ordered the Holy Trainer v.3 last night and hopefully it arrives before January 20th as I have to travel on January 22nd.  If not, I am certain more punishment will befall me.

New Year equals a revival of MrsL’s kink!  I LOVE IT!  It appears our foray into devotional sex is drawing to a close…for now.

2 thoughts on “New Year…

  1. It is so refreshing to read about a woman so sure of her sexual desire and being in control.
    Especially as a female reader. It encourages me. Please share with her, that you sharing your experiences and her allowing you to do so, is appreciated.

    Best wishes for your ongoing recovery and upcoming plans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. The thing is she still struggles with her sexual desires and being in control. Much of it comes from years of struggling with her weight plus being raised in a very strict catholic family.

      Thanks for reading.


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