On The Mend and Other Stuff

I had my six week post surgery visit yesterday.  The first thing my doctor said was “take off the sling…you are officially out of the sling and I want you to start using that arm.”  I quickly asked about wearing it while out and about to which he replied I could for awhile for that added protection.  I asked because this past weekend my nephew was in a huge high school wrestling tournament here in town and even with the sling on people were still bumping in to my right side.  I got quite ill with a couple of people who looked at me, saw the sling, and still pushed right past me….almost to the point of hitting one of them.  Oh, by the way, my nephew finished 8th in his weight class out of a 64 man bracket!

What surprised me the most with the doctor was hearing I want you to use that arm but don’t lift or carry anything heavier than a cup of coffee.  He went on to say while I am using my arm: no pushing, pulling, and no weight lifting for another 5 months.  I guess using my arm just means stretching and range of motion and after last night I’m good with that.  Sleeping for the first night without the sling was miserable.  I’m slowly working the stiffness out of that shoulder this morning before I tackle my physical therapy home work.  More on that later.

I had MrsL with me and of course she brought up the whole driving issue.  She has refused to let me drive for six weeks now and I am going absolutely crazy.  My doctor said it was risk either way: driving or being a passenger.  We will see who wins on this issue.  If I am supposed to be using this arm isn’t driving the best way to do that. my

I went to physical therapist right after my doctor’s appointment.  As I have said before, I think physical therapist must have a streak of “passionate” sadism because they have to push their patients through some painful situations.  My petite little therapist is just that: a passionate sadist as she pushes me with statements like “you can tolerate this, right” or “we are just getting started with the really painful stuff.”  Yesterday was no different; however, by the end of the hour my shoulder feels great….very sore….but great.  She added five new gravity resisted exercises yesterday all laying on the side of the bed letting my arm hang over the edge.  Three of the five are tolerable.  The last two:  well let’s just say I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished them both times:  in the office and at home last night.  I know they are meant to strengthen the shoulder so I will do them as directed.  Onward through the pain to make this shoulder better!

22 is now 12 hours away from graduation.  He has two major seminar classes this spring that will make or break his graduation date….just a little scary….but he is confident.  MrsL and I are having an issue with his girlfriend.  She, apparently, wants him to get an apartment with her at school and try to find a job in a town the size of Mayberry (if you don’t know…Google it).  Every time we have mentioned him taking advantage of living at home and saving money for the year it is going to take her to graduate she glares at us then looks at him and begins pouting.  Moments later she pulls him off to a quiet place and they don’t come out for hours.  She even has him talking marriage and I can tell by his body language that he is not ready for that step.  We are going to talk to both of them, together, before they go back to school.  We will see!

On the kinky front, MrsL sent me a cryptic SnapChat yesterday with nothing but a picture of a lock.  Maybe….just maybe….the Steelheart may be making an appearance soon.  She has resumed teasing me whenever she wants and has ramped up nipple play at night when she comes to bed.  She was biting and pinching them so hard the other night I had an old friend come flooding over me….subspace.  It was powerful!  I had been fighting the tensing up and she would alternate between her incisors and her molars creating the most exquisite pain.  After about ten minutes and without thinking my entire body relaxed and my mind went to that place where I could truly enjoy what she was doing to me.  She even noticed stating it’s been a long time since you’ve relaxed and let me play.  It was so exquisite that she had the penis leaking so she decided to edge me.  I thought she was going to allow me to cum all over her breast as she was laying on the bed and had me standing beside the bed.  When she stopped and smiled then told me to beg her to stop.  She continued stroking and sucking all the while I was finding the right words to make her stop.  It was powerful….I wanted that orgasm….but was pleading for her to stop.  It was awesome!

Well, I have to get to work.   Have a great day!

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