A Flash of Kink

Last night, MrsL teased me until I was begging her to stop. It was maddening yet rewarding at the same time. This morning when I woke her up we kissed a few minutes then she took a handful of hair and planted my mouth on her mound, told me to stick or my tongue, then rode my tongue for a few minutes to get her juices flowing then allowed me to bring her to two strong orgasms. She hinted at a playful day then got up leaving me kneeling beside the bed horny. Fast forward to a few minutes ago.

MrsL is out on some last minute shopping. I’m at home cleaning up my office for when family arrives next week and 21 is over at his girlfriend’s house. I just got an exciting call!

What are you doing?

“Just cleaning up my office, why?”

WHY? (long silent pause)

I think you have forgotten I am your Princess…so…go put in the large silicone plug, send me a picture on Snapchat when it’s in, and leave it in until I get home.”

As I went to say yes and thank her…She ended the call.

She has her picture and I have no idea when she will be home! Am is happy hubby…HELL YEAH!

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