Catching Up

Life around the casa has been a whole lot of mundane recently.  The shoulder rehab is progressing and the kink is on hold as we have 21 home from school.

I do have a little sexy to report.  As I noted in my last post and on my Twitter, MrsL has been taking full advantage of me being semi “helpless”.  I am completely right handed.  I can do a few things with my left hand before the surgery; however, I am slowly learning how to use my left hand over the past 4 weeks.  Factor in the new addition to my bedtime routine, a CPAP machine, sex has been a faint memory.  Well, except for MrsL teasing me relentlessly.  That changed Sunday night!  When she playfully removed my CPAP mask and told me to relax and enjoy I felt my entire body smile!

She teased me for a few minutes then skillfully removed the PA ring.  She continued alternately sucking and stroking me to a raging erection forcing me to utter “close” several times.  We locked eyes and I noticed she had a naughty smile on her face.  She nibbled and kissed up my torso, dodging the straps of this infernal sling, then spent a few minutes chewing on each nipple all the while reaching back to continue to stroke the erect penis. When she finally positioned the head at the entrance to her body I could feel her juices running down my shaft.  She gently sat back only allowing the head to pierce labia before ever so exquisitely inching all the way down.  Sitting there firing her vaginal muscles, I lost myself in the glory of the moment.

After a few moments of this bliss, MrsL began a pattern that had me begging to explode inside her.  She would sit down hard slamming her pussy down the shaft then gripped the shaft with her pussy before slowly pulling herself upwards.  OMG!!!!

With our son just on the other side of the wall I had to focus to not scream out.  When I muttered close for the umpteenth time MrsL positioned one hand on each nipple, squeezing them hard, then smiled and shook her head, and increased her pace.  My entire body shuddered and I erupted inside her.  We lay there for a few seconds giggling like kids opening presents.  It was pure joy!  Then….she began her real torture.  She resumed riding the penis…even as it was attempting to deflate…!  She had me begging her to stop….what the hell….!  One minute I was so damn glad to be inside her pussy and be allowed a full blown orgasm and the next I was so overstimulated I wanted it all to end!  Such fun.

By the time she finished most of my cum had escaped her body so she used her hands to feed me as much she could.  Moments later, after she helped me into my CPAP mask, we fell asleep holding each other.  The next morning she hinted that our anniversary and Valentine’s Day were 60 days away then smiled.

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