Well, things have been a bit crazy around here.  If you follow me on Twitter you know all about the shoulder surgery last week and the commencement of physical therapy this week.  I think I owe all of my followers a more detailed accounting of the past two weeks.

Surgery week (Week of Thanksgiving) – Monday morning was early.  MrsL is not an early riser but she was very chipper and supportive.  We had to be at the surgical center at 6:15 a.m. and since we were up late Sunday night having mind blowing sex, including an incredibly hot edging session, culminating in her straddling and riding me until we BOTH had an orgasm (first PIV orgasm for her in a long long time).  She stroked me from soft to leaking cum several times while telling me I was not going to have an orgasm until I was out of the sling from surgery (6 weeks).  She had me so damn horny and hard when she climbed on top of me I nearly lost my composure and came as soon as she guided me inside her.  I was desperate for an orgasm when it happened and she burst into an orgasm a few hard thrust after I filled her up.   Feeling her pussy pulse and squeeze the penis as she moaned into my chest was heaven.  My reward….she turned around, straddled my awaiting mouth, and let me lick her to two more orgasms while I cleaned her out.  The mix of my cum and her female juices was exotic!  We both slept well.

I had a great team of nurses and anesthesiologist for my surgery.  I have an incredibly difficult time with the “gas” anesthesia.  When I wake the slightest touch of my bed gives me mind numbing vertigo and nausea.  So, the team decided to do TIA:  total intravenous anesthesia.  It went so well that I don’t recall ANY of the post op conversation even though MrsL says I was very chatty.  Unfortunately, this surgical center does not allow photos or video so there is no evidence of my chattiness.  I barely remember the drive home.  The nerve block, which I had two, worked like a charm.  The second one was post operation in recovery and my awesome nurse noticed my vital signs were spiking so the doctor ordered another one.  This one was done via my IV so it lasted a lot longer.  I don’t know how that works…I just know it does!

Monday and Tuesday were okay.  The nerve block along with the pain meds kept me pretty comfortable.  My nurse convinced both me and MrsL. that I needed to “stay ahead of the pain” so I started taking the pain meds, full strength, Monday afternoon.  I took it full strength, 20 mg of oxycodone, every 4 hours until Wednesday.  By Wednesday, I was already “wanting” the next dose.  My body was craving the opiates after only a day and a half.  As the 4 hour cycle wound down, I started sweating and having cramps.  Once I would take it I would have horrible all over itching.  It was driving me crazy.    With everything that 27 (yeah he had a birthday in November) has been through coupled with knowing my family history with addiction I was not going to put myself in a position to become addicted.  However, I made a huge mistake by stopping it completely.  Sometime during the night Wednesday the nerve block finally wore off and I was having full blown withdrawal from the opiates.  I was miserable all day Thursday and nearly ruined Thanksgiving for the entire family.  We had driven to Charleston to be with 27 and I was miserable.  Nothing could touch the pain except keeping my shoulder iced.  I finally got some extra strength Tylenol Friday morning and that keeps the edge off my pain.  I am taking one half strength pain pill each night at bedtime then relying on ice and Tylenol during the day.  Yes, I know about acetaminophen and liver issues and I am staying well under the daily dosage limit.  Instead of not taking it at all I should have cut the dose in half for a day or two then cut it in half again to wean myself off of it.

Week 2:   The Physical Therapy Conundrum

This week has been an emotional and physical roller coaster.  The follow up with my surgeon went well.  He confirmed I had a completely torn biceps tendon which had to be reattached with a plastic anchor drilled into my arm, the bone spur was removed, and I had a full tear of my rotator cuff.  After telling me I would be in the sling for 5 more weeks and that I couldn’t even hold/carry anything heavier than one pound in my right hand for that same amount of time he paused and smiled.  “You will start physical therapy this week and the therapist will be stretching you gently during this 5 week period.  I’ll see you in five weeks.”  With that, my fate was sealed!

I’ve been to therapy twice this week and each time was absolutely miserable.  Who knew that stretching could be so damn painful.  Oh, it is gentle but it hurts like hell.  Surprisingly enough, it is the biceps tendon repair that hurts the most when being stretched.  MrsL had to drop me off last night to go set up for a vendor sales event today so I walked the half mile home after therapy.  It felt good to walk out some of the soreness from being “racked” by my petite little Asian fireball therapist. Every time I would wince or grunt during a stretch she would remind me “I’m taking it easy on you since it is your first week…it gets better…”  I am sure it will???

However, the best part of week two has been MrsL’s version of pain avoidance.  She has been teasing and edging me all week.  I mean it is morning, noon, and night.  She has me so damn horny that I have started begging which just makes her giggle and remind me it isn’t going to happen.  She told me last night that she had “something special” planned for me after I get my sling off and not to expect an orgasm until then, at the earliest.  She is even refusing to allow me to edge inside her.  She is doing all with her hands and mouth.  It is maddening but I LOVE IT.  It has me wanting to devour her…which she is letting me do, thankfully.  I’ve licked, nibbled, and fingered her to two or more orgasms each morning this week one of which was very very wet which I lapped up eagerly!

So, it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Therapy continues twice a week through my next follow up with the surgeon on January 2nd.

7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Had two of these. When the nerve block wears off, look out!. I share your family history and am in recovery myself. I agree 20mgs is a lot of oxycodone. If the ice and Tylenol keep the pain at bay, better to do the 10. Good luck with therapy. I hated mine.

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