Crazy Three Months

I have been on a bit of a traveling whirlwind for the past few weeks both personal and business.  Ohio, Kansas, South Carolina, Canada, and Texas.  When you factor in the short weekend trips over to see 21 in his final year of college marching band it has made the past three months a blur. Oh, whether or not you are a fan drum corps or marching band…I think you will enjoy this college band.  This is the final performance of his senior year…ENJOY!

So, I guess you are all wondering how are things here on the kink front?  Well, there has been lots of teasing, denying, a spoiled orgasm or two for me, and MrsL having incredibly strong multiple orgasms when I am at home.  Still no chastity device…still living a devotional sex lifestyle.  With the testosterone treatment and taking a small daily dose of a certain enlarged prostate medicine (think commercials with a man and woman sitting in separate tubs) my sex drive and desire reminds me of being a teenager again and MrsL is enjoying getting me hard and horny any time of the day or night.  She has said with all of the travel as well as the impending surgery she is going to wait until after I’m on the road to healing before locking me back up.

So, even though I have been absent for a few weeks I will make a more concerted effort to be on here more…even while in a sling.  I am sure there will be some kinky adventures to talk about as MrsL whispered in my ear this morning:  “I am excited about taking advantage of you when you…especially while you are loopy on pain meds…hehe.”

Hope everyone here in the U.S. has a great Thanksgiving week.






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