A Little Reward

Sunday was fabulous!  We haven’t had that much fun in weeks.

MrsL has been sleeping in our guest room the past few weeks.  My snoring has gotten out of control so she tries going to bed with me before inevitably escaping to the guest room.  I have done the sleep study and have a CPAP ordered; however, the special mask my doctor wants me to try hasn’t come in…so…needing sleep MrsL goes to the other room.  It makes waking her up even more exciting for me. (Note: the CPAP mask should be in by the time I get home Friday).

MrsL has been particularly horny as of late and her body has been incredibly receptive to multiple rapid fire full body orgasms.  Having remembered, after my little introspective last week, that the longer the foreplay of kissing, nibbling, caressing, massaging, and lightly chewing on her nipples the more intense her orgasms were I have spent lots and lots of time with hot steamy foreplay.  Sunday morning was no different:  I spent probably half an hour doing nothing but paying attention to her voluminous breast never once touching a nipple.  It was heavenly for both of us.  When I tried to pull away from her lips feigning a kiss…both of her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers.  We kissed for a long time before a handful of hair was used to firmly plant my mouth on her wonderfully wet pussy.

Her first orgasm happened almost immediately with only a few flicks of my tongue.  As soon as her body processed the first one I found my mouth trapped against her body and she slid herself up and down my tongue on her own resulting in a second powerful orgasm.  She has never had a “squirting” orgasm but this one was extremely wet and I lapped up her nectar eagerly!  She lay back on the bed after this one and let me lick and nibble her through six more orgasms before gently pulling me up on the bed.

Through wispy breathing:

If you win more football games than you lose today…I’ll send you off for the week with the best fucking you have ever had…so choose wisely today my knight.

We are in a year long “pool” for the NFL and have to wager on 6 games every week.  21 and I are a team so each of us pick 3 games.  The games the past weeks have seen me lose more than winning resulting in edging and spankings….fun. However, I thoroughly enjoyed winning Sunday.

Not only did she work my ass over…starting with her fingers (she hasn’t yet gone for the full fist but does get four fingers knuckle deep) then graduating to the smallest butt plug before working her way through the small 6″ dildo before finishing up with the 8″ dildo.  It was great.  At one point I had to call out my warning of “close” as she was full on pounding my prostate.  She paused crawling up over my stretched and immobile body until we were eye to eye:  Don’t you dare cum until I say you can…or I will stop everything untie you and go to the spare bedroom…understand.  I mustered a “Yes Princess” and she returned to her pleasure (hell who am I kidding…my pleasure).

When she was done fucking me…her little blue clamps came out to play and she put on some latex gloves and turned her attention to my stiff cock.  I hadn’t noticed that she had slipped a cock ring on me so my erection was nice and thick…veins bulging.  She made me watch her hands on HER cock as she lubed up her hands and began teasing and edging me like mad.  Several near misses later I was chanting close…close…close…!  She instructed me to look at her and all she did was smile and gently shake her head yes.  I erupted…arching up on the bed fighting the restraints.

She slid off one glove and playfully released one arm and walked away.  I knew what she wanted and released the other restraints and began cleaning up.  Moments later as we spooned together I showered her with kisses and thanks for such a wonderful evening.

I am still sore and I think that was her intent.  She hinted as I was drifting off to sleep that she really enjoyed fucking me and the frequency might just increase!  YES!!!  Maybe this whole devotional sex thing isn’t bad after all…?  I don’t know as I still crave chastity but my Princess is thoroughly enjoying steel free access to her cock.   Time will tell!

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