New horizons

I have a much more detailed post I am working on. In the interim I have to write, briefly, about what happened this morning!

MrsL has always been hesitant to engage in playful spanking let alone serious discipline. Sure, there were a couple of really good discipline sessions over a year ago but since then nothing.

A couple of mornings back I purposely put my naked self over her knees just to see what would happen. Much to my surprise she began spanking me! Not discipline…just spanking! I think she knew it was a turn on because I was hard as a rock when she finally let me up!

Well this morning after waking her up softly we had wonderful morning sex…well…I was teased mercilessly and she had several orgasms. After the last orgasm I stayed kneeling at her feet. That’s when it happened.

She took my arms and stretched them out on the bed leaving me on my knees. She slowly and playfully toyed with my ass then began swatting me with her bare hand! She would give me five or six swats to each cheek then take a break and play with other parts of my body: feet, hair, ears, etc.  She would then go back to swatting my ass. Her strikes weren’t discipline worthy but they still stung and with each additional one the heat and tenderness built. 

At one point she leaned in and pressed her breast against my back sliding them up around my neck. MrsL began whispering in my ear:

On your next flight when you use your little airplane pillow I want you to remember my breast being wrapped around your neck. When you fall asleep with a smile on your face…the people around you will just have to wonder what you are thinking. 

She reached down to find the penis struggling against the side of the bed to get hard. She told me to lean back enough so she could trap the penis, fully erect, against the side of the bed. She then began spanking me again. 

You really do like being spanked, huh?

After a dozen more swats on each cheek she finally stopped and walked away…no cuddling, no hugs, no other interaction. It was powerful! My ass was stinging for nearly half an hour.

She never said what she spanked me for so an hour or so later I asked: was this morning’s spanking just for fun?

Yes it was…I will only discipline you in the garage.

I kissed her then looked in her eyes: did you enjoy spanking me for fun…?

Her eyes gleaned as she said: It was more fun than I thought it would be. However, I need some new swatting toys so I don’t hurt my hands. 

She grabbed a nipple in both hands pinched hard and twisted. 

I actually got a little wet doing it. Hope you’re ready for more?!

She released my nipples and walked off confidently! 


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