This Week Was Weird

As the summer days rushed through the calendar ending with 21 back at school for his senior year a week ago; the passage of the summer gave me pause to really set back and think about things this past week.  Of course, the week ended with a marathon day of doctor’s visits for me leading to a decision.  More on that later.

MrsL and I had quite the exciting weekend.  I wrote about that earlier this week in my last post.  The remainder of the week resulted in some playful sexting culminating in yet another steamy devotional sex day when I got home.  She wanted and received several orgasms throughout the day Thursday: two separate times on the futon in my office between phone calls then several that night after she stroked and sucked me to the brink of ejaculating a dozen times…each time swirling the leaking precum on her fingers and sticking them in my mouth to clean.  Why do I get such joy out from having my wonderful Wife/Princess control my sexual pleasure?  The frustration feeds my desire for her.  At one point, me licking her cum soaked fingers and her stroking the throbbing cock with the other:

You know your birthday is coming up next week…and…you know what your birthday present WILL NOT be…right?  I gave you a full orgasm for your birthday last year…not this year.  

Up to this point, she had only used her hands to stimulate me.  As her voice trailed away from the word year…she slid her hand down the length of the shaft followed by her swirling tongue.  I didn’t even get the word “close” out of my mouth as she now knows all of the warning signs of a pending ejaculation.  That was the final one for the evening for me and she quickly took the leather cord around my neck and pulled me face to her wet pussy.

So that wasn’t the weird part.  Let me get into that a bit as well as the tough decision I have to make.

I don’t sleep well.  Haven’t in years.  So when I do get into REM sleep and dream it is usually memorable.  Monday night, having rushed around all day culminating with a bottle of wine with dinner, I collapsed in bed around 10ish.  I was exhausted.  I woke up around midnight due to some shoulder pain and quickly fell back asleep after rolling off of my right side.  That is when the weird week began.  For the next four hours I fought through, what I now know is called, a narrative dream.  It wasn’t sexual.  It wasn’t fantasy.  It wasn’t anything fun.  I was back in the military operating in a dystopic post apocalyptic world.  Me and my soldiers were working our way through a warren of alleys and flooded tunnels trying to avoid our pursuers, whom I could never really identify. I just knew they had every intention of butchering everyone of my soldiers had we been caught.

There was never any fighting.  There was never any bloodshed.  It was 4 hours of trying to avoid capture.  Each time it would appear we were trapped I would wake up with a start.  Once I realized I was in my hotel room, I would lay back down and find myself right back in the same dream only having escaped the trap that woke me up.  The most frustrating part of this narrative dream…I don’t know how it ended.  My alarm woke me up as we were sloughing through a dark flooded tunnel toward a speck of light in the distance.  I could hear, what must have been our exfiltration choppers purring toward that speck.

It was weird!

The remainder of the week had weird twist and turns job related.  The good news about the twists is…it appears I will be traveling to Montreal in the near future and I fully plan on setting up a visit to Chris at Steelwerks Extreme for a fitting for a titanium device.

Even though I had to book my early return home on Southwest Airlines, due to my company booking that damnable “basic economy” airfare unbeknownst to me, I found myself a rather HAPPY traveler Thursday morning.  The entire Southwest staff was all full of smiles and positivity.  It was contagious!  Maybe I am mellowing out as I approach my 51st year?

The airport was brimming with 11-12 year old baseball players headed to the Little League World series.  Normally, kids and airports drive me crazy.  Thursday was weird for me…I actually found great joy in seeing these boys and girls beaming with anticipation for what they were doing.  While eating breakfast, I could hear a couple of them talking about this being their first time flying. They were all so excited.

Then, as I was headed toward my gate I saw the most adorable set of twin toddlers making their way through the airport being led by their Dad.  They were 3-4 years old wearing matching Nike track suits and sneakers.  One was holding Dad’s hand with his brother holding his other.  They were full of awe and amazement at the sights, sounds, and atmosphere.  It made my heart smile and set the tone for the remainder of the day.  If I’m being honest, it set the tone for the rest of the week.

Now, yesterday was a day with three follow up doctor’s visits:  annual skin cancer check up, ortho follow up for MRI results, and initial sleep study consultation.

  • Skin Cancer check up:  a place on my right hand that I have been concerned about for three years and my doctor kept saying was nothing more than a “skin barnacle” was suddenly a concern for him.  Saying “it is a bit more scaly than I like this time” he took the little bottle of liquid nitrogen and proceeded to sear it off my hand.  No other questionable spots were identified so I got an all clear for another year.
  • Initial sleep study consultation:  I need to lose about 30 pounds I know that.  I have never woke up gasping so that is a good thing; however, I have been snoring a lot lately.  The excess weight is a culprit but apparently I have an “extended” soft palette so it is easier for my tongue to fall back and block my airway at night. The good news, I don’t have to go to the sleep lab and be hooked up to all of that equipment for a full sleep study.  The bad news, I have to do a one night sleep study at home with a stomach belt with a monitoring device, one of those finger attachments that measure pulse and oxygen levels, and a two pronged tube in my nostrils to measure my exhaling oxygen levels.  Stay tuned for that write up.
  • Ortho visit:  I left there pissed off and confused.  The office knew my doctor had been called in to emergency surgery but let me set in the lobby then the exam room for nearly an hour before telling me he wasn’t going to make the appointment.  I get it, the surgery was for a gentlemen who had shoulder surgery two days ago and apparently fell on the repaired shoulder so he needed attention.  They should have called and rescheduled as soon as he left for the emergency.  So, his PA came in to tell me he couldn’t discuss treatment options but would go over the MRI with me.  As I feared, I have a partial, 2cm, tear of the rotator cuff with a “likely full thickness tear of the leading edge of the distal supraspinatus tendon.”  I finally heard from my doctor around 5 p.m. via phone.  Since I have that bone spur and that can only be cleaned up by surgery I am going to have to decide on treatment options for the rotator cuff tears.  If the bone spur weren’t in the equation, I would probably opt for the conservative option of cortisone and therapy.  But, that bone spur changes everything.  I’m leading toward surgery…which scares me.   I don’t do well with general anesthesia:  I wake up violently combative with soul crushing vertigo and nausea.  The slightest touch of the bed sends me spiraling…even with my eyes closed I can feel the world spinning.  After my ACL repair, they sent me home with self injectors of Phenergan because the vertigo and nausea was so bad.  Now, add in the asthma and the concern about anesthesia multiplies.  Still, with all of that I think surgery is the only option.

Well, MrsL and I are being bums all day ending at the local AAA baseball park for a Saturday  date night.  Even though I crave the security of a chastity device…I must say I am really enjoying this whole devotional sex aspect of our relationship.  She even challenged me as I walked in to the kitchen from the garage Thursday morning still fully clothed…love her being in control!

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