The Weekend That Was…

This weekend has been both challenging and erotically fulfilling.  I’ve seen my 21 y/o grow up and my Princess MrsL take a step toward being truly controlling…at least sexually!

So, MrsL and 21 are both ADD and probably a bit OCD.  They are both on maintenance medicine for the ADD otherwise nothing gets done.  We struggled with the decision to put 21 on ADD medicine when he was in the third grade.  However, it made a world of difference for him.  His grades went from C’s to straight A’s.  He has talked about finding a replacement for his daily medicine and we will leave that up to him at this point.  MrsL decided to seek out treatment after 21’s initial appointment and hearing all of the questions.  It has helped her as well.  So when the two of them go head to head on an issue it is always fun.

Friday night as we were loading up the two cars for the trip over to his school this scene unfolded.  I had to walk downstairs to keep from laughing out loud in front of them.

MrsL:  These little organizing boxes I bought for your brother are here.  I think you would like them in your desk.

21:  Yeah, maybe.

MrsL:  I mean you can put them in your desk and keep your pencils and pens organized.

21:  Mom, I don’t think the drawers in my desk are big enough for those boxes.  Besides I have the metal thing that I set on top of my desk anyway.

MrsL:  Yeah, but these would probably work better and keep the top of your desk clear.

21:  Yeah, I guess.

MrsL:  If you don’t want them…just say something…

The conversation transitioned to other subjects then half an hour later:

MrsL:  Are you sure these won’t work (holding the boxes).

21:  Well, we can take them and see.

You had to be there.  Neither of them wanted to budge.

We get there and get him checked in with the band then head over to his dorm.  He is, finally, in one of the newer dorms and got lucky enough to get a room with extra space, air conditioning, and a private bath/shower.  He is talking about moving back to his old dorm without any of those amenities.  We are quite certain it is because the girlfriend’s dorm is right beside his old dorm.  Any way, I think he just wanted us to drop him off and leave everything in boxes so he would have an easy path to move.  Of course, MrsL was having none of it.  She has never left either him or 26 standing in an unfinished dorm room/apartment.

This time, it went from funny to ill feelings to all three of us snapping at each other at one point. It got so bad that I actually walked out and went to the lobby of the dorm or I would have completely lost it on both of them…because neither want to budge on something simple.  Thankfully, cooler heads finally prevailed and his room was completely organized.  He is still anxious because his new roommate seems to be not willing to compromise on anything…at least on Facebook Messenger.

Enough about our muggle life.  Now for the kinky stuff!

Twice this weekend MrsL has absolutely owned me in the teasing and denying game.

Recently, I asked her to add a “begging” aspect to relationship.  Specifically, I wanted her to make me beg to NOT have an ejaculation while she is playing with her cock or wants me inside her.  It is as powerful a mind fuck as I thought it would be and I absolutely LOVE IT!  Friday night, after working over my nipples with her teeth and hands she decided she wanted to edge me orally.  She even commented feeling the pulsing of my prostate as she was chewing on my nipple and circling a finger over it…and how erotic it was for her to actually feel it.  I have never been so damn horny.  Her oral skills and knowing exactly when to cease all stimulation so I stay hard is amazing.  After edging me a few times she climbed on top of me leaning in to nibble on my ear:

I want my hard cock inside my wet pussy right now!

She rolled over and pulled me on top of her.  As I slid the cock inside her settled in balls deep just enjoying the feel:

You know you are not going to ejaculate tonight…right…but I want to hear you beg me to cum.

It took me awhile to figure out what was happening.  Normally all stimulation stops if I beg to cum.  For her to tell me she wanted to know just how bad I wanted to cum inside her…and to beg for it…was truly a mind fuck.  The ogre in my head was screaming to just ignore my Princess’ words and do what I wanted…to lose myself and cum.  But, my mouth was alternately begging her to tell me to stop and begging to give her an orgasm.  She kept telling me she wanted to know how bad I wanted to cum inside her…at the same time telling me I couldn’t.  Powerful.  When I finally let the ogre speak…begging her to let me cum inside her…all I got was one word:  STOP!

She laughed as my face contorted.  Oh, that is a great look…but I said stop…you will give me an orgasm now.  

She had three powerful orgasms that night…muffling her moans with her pillow.

Saturday was a long day…so we collapsed in bed satisfied just to snuggle up to each other.  Sunday, MrsL had a community event she was working.  I went and helped her set up then went back to help her tear down.  She was exhausted and took a little nap on the couch after dinner.  As soon as Game of Thrones was over, I sent her up to shower while I finished cleaning the kitchen. That shower was like spinach to Popeye (look it up if you are too young to get the reference).  She was ready to go by the time I showered and came to bed.

One of the best things about our form of chastity/orgasm denial is the passion in our foreplay.  Kissing is sensual.  Fingers and hands roam all over each other’s bodies searching for the other’s erogenous areas.  Very intense.

When she was ready and with HER hard cock in her hand she guided me inside her.

You will do exactly as I say.  I want you on the edge but you WILL NOT ejaculate tonight.  Tonight, I want to hear just how badly you DON’T want to cum…I want to feel cum oozing out of my cock inside me…I want you so close you might just have an accident…BUT DON’T YOU DARE.  Now fuck me….

Holy cow!

I began slow and easy and was quickly met with a rebuke…in no uncertain terms:

I said FUCK ME!

This went on for a long time…with her dictating how far inside her she wanted me, with how slow or fast she wanted it, or telling me to lay still inside her as she milked me with her pussy.  It was furiously maddening and enjoyable.  When she had toyed with me enough and told me to stop because she was ready for her orgasms…I didn’t want to stop.  The ogre was back and nearly took over.  She giggled as she pointed out that I was on the verge of being ordered into the Steelheart if I didn’t do what I was told.  My mind was screaming to cum…but I stopped.  Four orgasms later she was threatening me with the dreaded “sweet dreams” (no touching order) if I didn’t stop licking, nibbling, and sucking on her clit.

We curled up together and feel asleep both physically exhausted and completed satiated.



7 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was…

  1. Completely satiated….. except for the guy who didn’t get to come!
    I know, I know!! It just feels so good, I’ll never wrap my head around being denied! Yay, the kids are gone back to college, happy dance!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll admit, at one point Sunday night I was truly on the verge of letting the ogre in me win. For that brief few seconds all I could think of was that euphoria that comes with a full orgasm! When she calmly told me to open my eyes and had that “you will be in big trouble” look on her face…I cascaded kisses down her body to pleasure her!

        Liked by 1 person

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