Edging without touching

It’s been a crazy week here. I am pleased to report the surprise massage on our new massage table was a huge success. MrsL enjoyed a full hour massage then several orgasms while relaxing on the table. This resulted in an eventful evening of edging and denial for yours truly.

Until last night, we have both been focused on work (me) or business (her). So much so that there hasn’t been a lot of sexual activity. Until last night!

We went to a local Chamber event after I got off work. We had a good time bowling and hanging out with some of her new friends. Unfortunately, none of them, men especially, are hot enough to draw my eye or hers. 

As we were leaving things got interesting.

I was holding the car door open for her, as I always do, she leaned over to my hand resting on top of the door stuck out her tongue and licked the exposed tip of my finger then sucked it into her mouth. She was staring at me with a playful sexy glint in her eyes and kept sucking until the doors of the bowling alley opened up. She grinned at me as the other two adults walked past our car. Thankfully, according to MrsL, they were not Chamber members. She continued these playful teasing actions all night.

I went to bed around 11 and she came in around midnight after 21 and his girlfriend got home from a DCI simulcast. I could sense she was in one of those moods from the time she ripped the covers off of me.

For the next hour she teased and edged me without ever once touching the rigid throbbing penis. She started by telling me to imagine I was securely locked inside her Steelheart because that is what she was imagining. Since her cock was inside imaginary steel…she couldn’t touch it. So she used my nipples and balls as her point of teasing. 

I’ve talked about having ejaculations from nipple play before. It has been awhile since that happened. It didn’t happen last night only because MrsL didn’t want it to happen.  My nipples are still sore 12 hours later from her teeth and fingers. Ultimately, and when she was ready, she planted my face on her wet pussy and told me she was ready for her ORGASMS.  

She rarely uses the plural form of orgasm and more often than not stops me after one. I was so excited to hear she wanted more than one. After her fourth, she pulled me up on top of her and giggled when she felt I was still hard. 

Too bad you have to get off of me and not use that erecrtion tonight. Sweet Dreams. 

Damn! Horny as all get out and told to go to sleep. She is still in a “hands off” mode right now. I am going mad! Tomorrow we help 21 back to school so maybe we can have some fun on the drive back!!!

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