Devotional Sex and Travel Chastity 

It appears that our commitment to Devotional Sex is taking hold quite nicely. 

MrsL and I had a brilliant time in bed Friday night with her directing every action I took with her body. She even made me take breaks to cuddle and talk then ready guide my hand or mouth back where she wanted. 

One of the things we discussed was chastity and how it would play within the dynamic. She had quite an epiphany when she realized and understood unlocking and removing the Steelheart anytime she wanted for any reason she wanted and locking me back didn’t break a long term denial.  For some reason she felt like letting me out for PIV should only happen when she was ready to let me ejaculate. 

She asked my opinion and “what I wanted” as it relates to chastity. Even though I love PIV and am developing quite the stamina, I told her I prefer to always be locked. This led to travel chastity discussions. The EvotionWearables device just isn’t working. My body doesn’t like it and I can’t seem to ever get it clean (at least from a smell standpoint). So, we agreed on two things:

  1. In the interim, a HT v2 will be ordered and used when traveling. 
  2. Next spring when bonus time rolls around, barring any unforeseen issues, we will be ordering either a Schandmask or Tiffany device from Steelwerks Extreme in full titanium. 

Number 1 will be ordered this weekend. MrsL and I will both be out of the house this week and we didn’t want 21 to possibly find it in the mail…not that he would be nosey and open it! I can’t wait. 

5 thoughts on “Devotional Sex and Travel Chastity 

  1. You weren’t alone, nora, I had to google it too!
    I love that you are talking more about it and both enjoying it. In my own case, understanding that it pleases him makes me far more willing to go out of my vanilla comfort zone.

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    1. Thanks Carly. MrsL has also discovered how to use her body more and more. I mean there are times when she stops me fully buried inside her and edges me with her vaginal muscles…it is pure bliss. It is also amazingly frustrating.

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