A New Dynamic

After nearly of week back in the Steelheart I have once again been on a “breakaway” (just finished watching the Tour de France and remembered my cycling reference) this week.  Even though I have spoken often of living a “devotional sex” lifestyle I had never really been to their website…much less…asked MrsL to visit the site.

After my last post earlier this week, Carly Quinn shared this link with me from the Devotional Sex website. Granted, MrsL has read a few blogs and articles about denying the male orgasm but I found this one to be much more enlightening.  So…after our bumpy weekend…I sent the link to MrsL and asked her to read through it.  I am usually very good with words; however, when we are talking about chastity and orgasm denial…I get stupid and have a difficult time truly explaining the impact it has on me.

Well, she read it yesterday and WOW!

She was in the shower when I got home and the house was empty…21 and his girlfriend were at the movies.  We were going to head out to the mall for a bit after the two of them returned so I just removed my business clothes and was unpacking in my boxer briefs.  When she saw me…it was on!

She kissed me deeply and passionately for several minutes.  Every time I would try to fondle her breast or let a hand slide down to her pussy she stopped me in my tracks.  When her hand found my raging erection she deftly slid a hand inside the waistband to place a firm grip around her cock…which became her “lead” (if you will) for taking me to the bed.  She pushed me back on the bed and began giving me the absolute best blow job ever!  Of course, the first hint she got that my body was beginning to build up to ejaculating was met with a brief disruption and a look at me…you WILL NOT cum if and until I say you can…

Between licking the entire length of the shaft underneath and on either side of the shaft to gently nibbling the sucking one then both balls in her mouth to taking me fully in her mouth while her tongue wrapped and lapped at the shaft to simply sucking and tongue flicking the head…MrsL had me going mad!

I’ve talked before about experiencing that “electric” feel that comes, usually, with ejaculating.  When you put the overwhelmingly awesome electricity pulsing through your body with an ejaculation is what most guys call an orgasm.  Well, having an orgasm and ejaculating have now been clearly defined and detached from each other for both MrsL and me!

The first orgasm of the afternoon came as my wonderful Princess slid her breast up the inside of my thighs and let her now cold wet hair brush back and forth over her cock and balls.  My body fired on all cylinders and I felt a jolt of energy from my toes up through my chest causing me to shudder a bit prompting MrsL to stop for a second to giggle.  Moments later when she took her breast and wrapped them around her cock and began sliding them up and down the still rigid erection…I had the second full body orgasm.  This time; however, I had to utter that dreaded five letter word (close) which was met with her looking at me, smiling, then walking back in to the bathroom.  DAMN!

At that moment…all I wanted to do was get on my knees and beg to have more of HER.  I wanted to kiss her all over.  I wanted to have her lounge on the bed so I could lap at her pussy until she exploded.  I walked over to her, amazed that the erection was not showing any signs of going away, and tried kissing her neck.  She let me for a few seconds before her hand found her still erect cock.   Round Two began!

I was on the edge quickly and was instructed to beg her to stop.  It was brilliantly erotic.

When MrsL finally stopped, after I had another two orgasms without ejaculating, she informed me I needed to get dressed and she was off limits the remainder of the evening until we went to bed.  That was the longest few hours of my life.

I’ll write about that later today…I hear people stirring around upstairs.






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