A little short erotica for you.  My inspiration for this story came from Carly Quinn. I hope you enjoy.


Are you sure you are ready for this?

Becca’s voice was firm and confident. She had covered Adam’s entire body in hot wax before; however, a devilishly erotic thought raced through her mind weeks ago. Tonight she was going to have fun!

She had Adam completely immobile on the new massage table they had purchased a few months ago. Becca had enjoyed many a glorious night lounging on this table while Adam used his fingers, palms, and forearms to work the tenseness out of her muscles. Of course, she always has Adam completely naked except for her Steelheart while she receives her massages and toys with his balls when they were right in front of her face.
Now, she was using this table for another form of enjoyment: teasing, denying, and spoiling Adam’s orgasms in a new and exciting way.

Becca stood back, after asking Adam if he was ready to admire her rope work. She had been studying and practicing her knots for weeks while he was on the road.

Adam was flat on his back blindfolded and beautifully tied to the table so nothing could move. Before positioning him on the table she removed her Steelheart then tied him in an intricate full body harness focusing on his manhood and nipples. The harness had the exact same effect of the one she saw in her book…his cock and balls were snug and slightly pulled away from his body and his nipples were isolated between loops in the harness. She had placed a foam roller between his legs before securing two ropes below and two ropes above the knee on each leg: one just above each ankle, one mid-calf, one just above the knee, and one mid-thigh. Once his legs were secured the foam roller was removed…she couldn’t have anything impeding her access to her cock and balls. For added security, she looped a rope three times around the table just above his waist and repeated the process across the center of his chest. She did not want him to be able squirm or move at all.

She had wrapped each wrist before securing them to the rope around his waist before adding one rope laced through the harness on each arm just above the elbow. To finish, she put his posture collar on before running rope from the D-ring through the headrest down and underneath the length of the table tying each end of the rope to a big toe.
Leaning over to toy with both of his nipples Becca gave Adam his first hint about what she had planned.

I am going to light several candles and let you lay here for a few minutes…relax and let your mind race with the possibilities. I’ll be back.

Becca gave him a deep passionate kiss then playfully bit on each exposed nipple. Just for the fun of it…she stroked his stiff cock paying close attention to how he tried to move but couldn’t. She took him right up to the brink of an orgasm before giggling and walking out of the room.

Becca took her time showering and gathering the other toys she wanted to play with tonight. She knew Adam would need a little time to recover from his near orgasm and she wanted a lot of hot melted wax to play with. When she walked back in a half an hour later the warmth of a Hawaiian breeze from the one scented candle she lit made her smile. Adam’s head turned to the noise and the only other part of his body that could move, his cock, began twitching before standing erect.

Well, my bound chaste hubby it looks like you are ready to play. Let’s get started. The only thing that better come out of your mouth is the word close or direct answers to questions or it is okay to scream if the mood hits you. Oh, and just so we are clear, you don’t have permission to have an orgasm…yet…! Who knows…maybe we will finally see if I can make you cum from pain…I mean you say it is possible.

Adam lay there for a second then tested the bonds. Yep, he was completely immobile. He had talked about this type of bondage many times and now that he had been trapped in Becca’s web he was enjoying the feel of the rope, the smell of the candles, the touch of his Princess. Most importantly he promised himself he was not going to escape to sub space tonight…he was going to revel in whatever Becca did to him.

Becca grabbed her favorite nipple clamps laying them on Adam’s chest. She swirled a finger around a nipple making sure it was fully awake and erect then gently closed a clamp on the engorged nipple then repeated the process with the second. Adam inhaled deeply with each bite of the clamp. After flicking the clamps back and forth a couple of times, Becca walked over to the table full of candles.

Like a child surveying a display full of candy, Becca carefully inspected each candle before settling on a tall round beeswax candle that had burned down enough to create a nice well of hot fluid. Returning to her bound prey, Becca took the clamp closest to her in hand twisting it viciously causing Adam to wail. Just as he was composing himself and accepting the pain the first stream of hot wax hit the clamped nipple. Again, Adam roared causing Becca to comfort him…

It’s okay my knight…you can scream. It makes me happy.

Adam was not sure he was going to be able to keep his promise to himself about sub space but he was convinced to stay present…even when Becca repeated the twisting and hot wax treatment on the other nipple. As the was cooled it added, ever so slightly, to the pressure from the clamps. He could feel his body beginning to fire off the makings of an orgasm. He tensed his body quashing it in its tracks but had to take a few deep breaths to let the pain from the clamps disperse over his body…and it wasn’t working!

That is a pretty color on you…let’s add it elsewhere…..!

Instantly, there was a line of heat trailing down his mid-section. There was a pause. Becca had used up all of the wax from this candle and had to get another one. Moments later, Adam felt Becca’s had cup his balls as hot wax began covering them. This time he was able to exhale and not scream.

Becca switched off candles until it felt like there was hot wax on his entire body…including his toes, neck, chin, and completely coating his chest…with one notable exception. MrsL had been obvious in avoiding getting any wax on her cock. The first thing he felt on his cock was a cold liquid.

Now, for that orgasm I mentioned….this lube will not be the only thing covering my cock tonight but it will do for now….!

With an evil little laugh, Becca began her real plan for the evening. She had pulled a small table beside her and set the big beeswax candle there. She wanted it to be close.

Holding the shaft in one hand, Becca traced every vein and artery she found commenting about just how thick and hard her cock felt in her hand. Adam relished in her words. Slow rhythmic strokes gave way to hard rapid strokes. Becca would use her finger and thumb exclusively for a few strokes then stop just behind the glans before taking her finger back and forth across the head using the precum as additional lubricant.

Adam wanted to move…he wanted to shift…he wanted desperately to thrust up into Becca’s hand. He couldn’t move. This was everything he had thought it would be: confining, maddening, and wildly frustrating but he was enjoying every moment because he just knew he was going to get a full orgasm.

Becca stroked, squeezed, and massaged her cock to over a dozen near orgasms…releasing it with the first utterance of the “c” in close from Adam every time. She kept a close eye on the candle because it had to have enough wax to do the job right.

On the last trip to the edge, Becca let go and took a clamp in each hand rotating them in place causing Adam to yell out and start chanting close…close…close. She leaned over as she held the clamps in their rotated position.

You will not cum right now…understand. Clench whatever muscles you need to clench. I still decide when you can cum.

Releasing the clamps, she took up her position at his waist. She watched for a few seconds as it twitched and jumped noting the little stream of precum oozing from the head. When she saw Adam relax his entire body she began.

Pouring more lube over his cock she began stroking with abandon…focusing and gripping tighter on the upstroke. She picked up the candle and positioned it just so increasing her pumping action on her red and swollen cock. Within seconds, Adam was screaming close as loud as he could but Becca was not stopping. As his cries of close changed to ooohs and aaahhhs Becca knew he was ready. As she felt the first surge at the base of his cock she tipped the candle over….covering the now fully engorged head in hot wax.

Adam lay there fighting to move and yelling close as loud as he could. He knew that he was doing what he was told and letting his wonderful Princess know he was about to cum. He also knew that if she didn’t stop her stimulation he didn’t have to fight off the urge to cum. The last “close” morphed in to moans as that wonderful sensation began: the pressure in his balls increased, his thighs began tensing up, his breath became more labored and intense…just as the first spasm of what was going to be a glorious release fired…it all came crashing down around him as Becca’s hand stopped moving holding the cock in place. The next sensation he felt was hot….so hot he thought she had put the flame on him…it was the wax covering the entire head spilling over the crown down the shaft.

Becca laughed as she watched the vein on Adam’s cock pulsing trying to expel cum through the rapidly hardening wax. She tilted her cock back slightly and ran a stream of wax down the length to begin covering his still twitching balls.  Her timing could not have been more perfect as the wax hit the slit just as the first surge of ejaculate appeared. The resulting spoiled orgasm was grandiose for her. Adam’s cock pulsed one or two more times and cum oozed out from under the wax down the rapidly hardening wax on the shaft.

Adam growled and grunted fighting against the ropes. All he could think of was getting a hand free to finish off the orgasm properly. Of course, that was not to be. As he lay there accepting his fate he felt Becca’s hand behind his head removing the blindfold. He blinked a couple of times before seeing her facing beaming with pleasure.

Ssshh…I hope you enjoyed that. Once I get my Steelheart back in place I will untie you so you can lick and suck me to orgasms until I stop you. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Becca left long enough to get a wet cloth to clean the wax off  her cock and balls then locked him safely back in her Steelheart. She then began the process of removing wax and untying her husband. As the last rope hit the floor Adam tested his muscles as he slowly set up on the table.

“Thank you, Princess,…that was glorious!”

She took hold of the Steelheart to lead him to their bedroom. She put Adam on his knees beside the bed then climbed up and let him watch her slide her soaked panties off of her legs. Offering up a foot with her panties hanging from a toe,

Take it…I only want to feel your tongue on me.

She lay back and enjoyed the remainder of the evening…climaxing over and over again from Adam’s magic tongue.

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