Lessons in Chastity 

After several weeks of “devotional sex”, MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart Saturday.  I was excited but she seems a bit melancholy about it for some reason. Maybe I was overreacting?

I had been really moody and grumpy all day Friday. Our downstairs AC is out and the locally owned HVAC guy MrsL wanted to use from the Chamber had obviously not followed my direction Wednesday.  We have a leak in one of two condenser coils in the unit.  It is a unit that has been made obsolete by the government and when he explained he may not be able to find replacement condensers.  I thought I was clear to just go ahead and order the new up to code replacements so we didn’t have to go through the weekend.  He topped of the outside unit thinking it would hold until he found the old units. Well, that didn’t work.  When she called him Friday morning he said he was still trying to find the older units.  He got the message this time.  Unfortunately, it is going to be Tuesday.  Thankfully, the upstairs unit is working.

Anyway, 21 had left to go over to his girlfriend’s house for a cookout and it was time for dinner.  We both headed upstairs and MrsL began stripping my shirt off as we topped the stairs.  Pushing me on to the bed she finished getting me naked by viciously ripping off my shorts….I was instantly hard and loving the aggression.

Put your hands above your head and don’t move them.

For the next few minutes I was treated to the best oral sex a man could ever want.  It was absolute ecstasy.  Tongue, lips, and the occasional assist with her hand, MrsL took her time with me.  She was enjoying it as much as I was.  The first time I uttered close she wrapped her tongue around the shaft and increased the intensity of the blow job.

I thought she was not going to pull off of me until right at the last second.  Her hand replaced her mouth as she sucked all the way up the shaft and said you can cum now.

Even with as many orgasms I have had recently this orgasm was powerful shooting cum up to the middle of my chest.  Just as I was beginning to relax, MrsL began stroking me again.  Holy Cow…she doesn’t do that very often. I forgot just how fucking sensitive I am immediately after an orgasm.  I was thrashing and squirming like mad.  When she finally coaxed a second much smaller orgasm out of me she laughed: I hope you are ready for your appetizer.

She was quiet until she was holding a hand full of cum at my mouth:  you can sleep naked tonight but as soon as you wake up…you will put my Steelheart on.  You have 10 days before you travel again…that will be a good starting point. Open up.

I grinned from ear to ear then opened my mouth.  Now, there is the smile I been looking for all day.  

After her hand was clean we both got dressed and decided it was too hot to cook so we went to dinner at our new favorite pub across from the neighborhood.  It was fun.

Later as we climbed in bed I got my first lesson in chastity…the first one in awhile.   It’s been some time and our rule is I put everything on and she locks it in place.  I always wake up before her.  I was conflicted…then…as I snuggled in close to her:

Sweet dreams are in effect but if you want…you may wake me up when you do in any manner you choose….okay.

My need for clarification almost cost me…as I followed her okay with, “I was wondering how I was going to get the Steelheart locked so…I…”  She cut me off.

If you finish that question I will make you get up right now and put it on…I can’t believe you said anything after the gift I just gave you.  

At that point, I knew she was not melancholy about putting me in the Steelheart any longer.

Saturday morning after another glorious PIV orgasm and making sure she had a couple of hew own as I cleaned up behind myself,  I hopped up and put on the Steelheart smiling as I handed MrsL the key.  I thanked her with a long deep kiss then reveled in her playful comments about my ass as I strapped slid into a jockstrap.  I joked about mowing the lawn in nothing but my jockstrap and she entertained the idea for a second then reminded me we have neighbors…it was a fun thought.

I think that was when the second lesson in chastity began.

I’ve put on a few pounds this spring/summer and with the heat and humidity of the south in full throat trying to go from not wearing the Steelheart for nearly two months to trying to go ten days was obviously not a smart idea.  Nothing about the fit or feel was right.

I was already feeling a bit of a hot spot when I came in from mowing the yard.  The shower and a bit of silicone lubricant around the ring seemed to help.  That is until Saturday night…when the night time erections paid their regular visit.  I woke up three separate times each one with more irritation.  I said something to MrsL before we went to bed and she gave me permission to take it off without her in the middle of the night.  Well, if you have read this blog long enough you know I am a bit of a lunkhead when it comes to irritation and the Steelheart.

Yesterday I was able to be naked all day with 21 going on a day trip with his girlfriend.  I thought that would help.  We should have decamped to the upstairs but we didn’t.  The bigger television is downstairs…the surround sound is downstairs…so we brought down some fans and sat in the muggy family room all day.  It was laundry day so I was up and down all day…creating more friction and like a rookie I kept adding more lube to the spot…creating even more friction.

After my nightly cleaning routine I added a small amount of silicone to the ring and struggled through 4 nocturnal erections.

This morning when I asked MrsL to check for hot spots or blisters she gently took my balls in her hand and pulled them upward to look underneath.  I came unglued!  Needless to say, I am out of the Steelheart again and have a nasty little spot.

Now, I am the one melancholy because I want/need to be locked in steel.  I know I need to loose some weight and this is the incentive I need.  I am sure that is the issue.

Footnote: I did make it to my doctor’s appointment in the Steelheart. I had MrsL check me when I got home.


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