Spoken Fantasies 

Last night, after attending a bowling fundraiser for a local family, MrsL and I were relaxing watching some DVR’d television. One show we both enjoy is Suits. I didn’t start out liking the show but it has grown on me. 

When Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, made her first appearance for this episode I was pleasantly surprised hearing this from MrsL:

There she is…she is absolutely gorgeous…and sexy!

What!!! She has commented on women being pretty, beautiful, or gorgeous before; however, she has never added the part about being sexy. 

I know it doesn’t mean a lot but it was certainly enough to cause a stir in the still unlocked penis.

For my part, I find Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike Ross, absolutely gorgeous. I mean he is fucking hot!  I think, no I am positive I know, I would certainly have sex with him…of course me locked in the Steelheart! 

So when we went to bed and cuddling, as MrsL invoked the “sweet dreams” rule, we had the following conversation:

“So, you think Rachel is sexy?”

Uh, yeah she is a beautiful sexy woman.

“Sexy as in you are attracted to her?”

Why…you know I am never going to share you with another woman…even if I do think she is sexy!

“No, I am just horny as hell (and I was with the penis rapidly stiffening against her back) and I love that you said that out loud.”

I can feel you getting horny…remember sweet dreams means no touching…so you are going to sleep horny!

We lay there for a few minutes all the while I was thinking about Patrick J Adams and being cuckolded by him and MrsL. So, I followed my horny head. I flipped her onto her back and straddled her body being careful to ensure the throbbing penis didn’t touch her pussy. In the pale light sneaking through our blinds from the street light we were face to face because I wanted to see her facial expressions as we talked:

“So, Harvey or Mike…who do you think is the most attractive?” (Harvey is played by Gabriel Macht and while he is good looking I am not attracted to him)


“I am curious…you think Rachel is sexy…which of those two do you find sexy?”

She lay there for a second then got this huge smile on her face.

Mike of course…I like everything about him. Why?

“I knew you would pick him. I agree!”

I paused for a second to summon some calm but I think the precum leaking onto MrsL’s stomach betrayed me.

“If I were ever interested in having sex with a guy…he would be it!”

There was a bit of awkward silence for a few seconds as she processed what I had just said. I could see the expressions on her face go from inquisitive to perplexed to finally mischief:

Well, I guess there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about it…since it is obvious you are very excited just talking about it! 

She reached down running her fingers through the pool of precum…being careful to just brush a finger against the swollen head before she  brought them to my mouth. After sucking them clean, doing my best to envision MrsL holding Adam’s cock in front of me then lovingly guiding my mouth onto his cock telling me I should use my magic tongue to make him cum, I smiled and looked her eye to eye

“No I guess not.”

She paused a second and smiled back.

That game we played last week…well obviously Mike would be one of the guys…(her smile got bigger) I would play with…but it is only fantasy!

“Yes, Princess…you cuckolding me with Mike is only a fantasy!”

She reached up with both hands to grab a handful of hair pulling my mouth to hers. We kissed deeply for a few minutes before she pushed me off and said Sweet Dreams.

I fell asleep intertwined with the love of my life blissfully thinking about what had just happened. 

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