Great Father/Son Weekend

Last weekend was fantastic.  It culminated a great week of staycation where MrsL and I played a new game whilst at the water park and she granted me more full PIV orgasms in a week than I have had in months.

Friday, after making sure the house was clean to her specifications prior to her Mom and sisters arriving for their “girls weekend”, 21 and I drove down to Charleston to hang out with 26 for the remainder of the weekend.  26 is doing great!  I have poured my heart and soul out on this blog the past 18 months with the overdose, treatment, etc., etc.  So, I wanted to write about just how proud I am of he and his brother.

This picture was Sunday after brunch at Ms. Roses.  If you have never been to this little gem in Charleston…you must go the next time you visit.  But, I digress.  I have never been more proud of both of them than right at this moment.  Okay, maybe a bit hyperbolic but my soul was reenergized when 21 and I left.

So, 26 has landed his first real job as an entry level teller with a bank.  Up until three weeks ago, his fraternity brother who is renting him a room and got him the job was at the same bank.  He has since left to go to work for his old boss at a smaller community bank for a big pay raise.  Of course that means 26, who still doesn’t have a license, was without a ride to work for a few weeks while the buddy trained out of town.  Old 26 would have panicked and just quit.  New 26 developed a plan using co-workers who live close, Uber/Lyft, and others.  Since he hasn’t quite save enough money to pay for Uber/Lyft by himself he called us but didn’t simply ask us for money.  He explained his plan, went over how much money he had saved and could use, and asked if we could assist (get this) IF NEEDED.  This was all before I even went down there.  I know it may seem like a little thing to some people…a 26 year old acting like an adult.  To us and his counselors from rehab he is mentally 21 or 22…so this is a big fucking deal!  He is even talking about getting his MBA already…this from the guy who in December never wanted to see the inside of a classroom ever again.  Apparently a guy he met through the bank has told him with a MBA and his chemistry degree he could walk in to an Assistant Department Head job at the Medical School at the University of South Carolina there in Charleston…who knows.

21 and I stayed at a hotel Friday night because 26 had a date with, of all things, a law school student.  This gave 26 and I ample bonding time on the drive down and at the hotel.  We talked about his upcoming senior year of school, his ideas on what/where he may want to pursue and live, and his relationship with his girlfriend (hint…it is his first relationship and he has fallen into that spending money equals a good date mode rather easily).  He is upstairs practicing for the upcoming, and very sadly last, season with his college marching band.  He and I are both band geeks.  We are also DCI geeks…so this is the best time of year for us.  Other than spending too much money in his relationship he is developing in to an awesome young man.

Saturday, the three of us met up at 26’s house and headed in to the farmer’s market where we found some incredibly tasty dill pickles and pickled okra plus some extra jumbo shrimp for about $6/lb. We snatched up the guys last two pounds before heading back to the house.  After lunch, we went to a legitimate British “chippy” joint just opened up in Charleston.  The place is called The CodFather and is owned/operated by the son of a Brit whose family has run “chippy’s” across the pond for years.  It is damn good and authentic…right down to the HP brand brown sauce and mushy peas.   Ten bucks got you an oversized fish filet perfectly breaded and fried fresh and a basket full of fries.  Check it out when in town.  Afterwards I took him shopping and was impressed with his shopping list, his choices of products, and his meal planning.  He is buying sandwich stuff to take to work on Monday and cooks at home two to three nights a week making enough for leftovers.  Again, a big deal as he has never been one for leftovers.  At around six, we headed to the ball park.  The baseball was horrible…Low A minor league ball with lots of errors and pitching changes (final score 14-2 home team).  However, hanging with my boys watching baseball…well…just about made a grown man cry.

What made it even better is the boys actually acted like brothers.  Let’s face it, 26 has done some pretty horrible things to everyone while he was using.  His most egregious shortcomings he heaped on his brother…primarily in the form of stealing anything he had of value:  gaming systems, games, money, etc.  I don’t know if he has ever apologized to him directly; however, but seeing them talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company was heart warming.  I really didn’t want the night to end.  We went to a local hole in the wall burger joint after the game and sat on their patio eating and talking as the storms brewed up offshore threw lightning around the sky in the distance. Peaceful and rewarding.

So, 26 met a young lady just a week or so back.  They had already had two dates by Friday and he asked if it was okay if she come to brunch with us Sunday.  I couldn’t turn down that request.  She just finished her first year of law school at Valparaiso and is working an internship with the City of Charleston.  She is transferring to the Charleston School of Law to finish out her JD.  She comes from a family of attorneys and is going down the real estate law path herself.  She has even agreed to help him with getting to/from work already.  Full disclosure…they met on Bumble.  I’ve never seen or heard of it but apparently it is much like Tinder only the people are more serious about relationships…according to both of them?  Either way, they met in a public place the first time.  She had several deal breaker questions that he didn’t break the deal on, even his addiction/recovery didn’t scare her off (I’m not sure what lawyer daddy might say…) and they appear to be taking things very slowly.  The best thing about her…she engaged with 21 as much as she did with 26 over brunch.

All in all, the weekend was what I had hoped it would be….me and my boys…having a good time without drugs or alcohol.

Monday when I had a few moments, I sat down and hand wrote a letter to 26 telling him how proud I was of him….where he was in life and how he is developing in to a fine young man.  I put it in old fashioned snail mail Tuesday so hopefully he gets it tomorrow.  Hell, he may never let me know he gets it and that is okay.  I just wanted to tell him how much progress I saw in him, how proud he made me, and how much I loved him.  I plan on sticking a handwritten letter in 21’s book bag the day he moves back to college in five weeks, too.  I want them to know they mean the world to me and MrsL and we are so very proud and honored to be their parents.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled kinky posts…stay tuned!







10 thoughts on “Great Father/Son Weekend

  1. I’m so happy things are going in a positive manner! I thought it was adorable how you wrote that letter. My dad used to write letters to me and I have kept them ever since I was a child. I think 26 & 21 will keep those letters like I did :). Hehe, I imagine you look like Colin Firth with but with an Amercian accent under that smile face emoji. I’m not ashamed to say that I have a celebrity crush on him. Also, I hope the law school student and 26 continue to keep things slow and really get to know each other. In my personal opinion, it seems like quite a few people out there who are in there 20’s tend to move rather quickly and then find out there are indeed deal breakers, but now they have moved in with each other and are stuck in a lease. I hope 26 will find a caring and supportive woman who challenges him, but in a healthy manner. I’m hopeful it will be this woman :). Take care, dear.

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    1. That has always been 26’s problem. He jumps in with both feet immediately and then can’t get out. He learned that again with the mother of 2 who is separated but not divorced he met right out of rehab. It took him a year and a move to resolve that issue.

      I’m flattered by the Colin Firth reference. Thanks!


      1. Ah, yes. And there is nothing wrong being single and focusing yourself and giving your cards in order before introducing another person into your life. But I don’t know him personally so maybe he feels ready for something like that. Or, maybe he just wants companionship. Someone to go to movies with and have dinner with, a friendship. Nothing wrong with that either. I’m hopeful for him.

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  2. Great to hear you had such a great weekend and both boys are doing well.

    So, you said you went to a fish’n chips place, and then mention fries in the basket. What was it, chips or fries? Chips are thicker cut and shorter. Or did you not want to confuse your American readers as chips are what we Brits call crisps?
    Did you now that HP sauce is actually manufactured in Holland? And do you know the history of Brown Sauce?
    Apparently a British Serviceman stationed in India forgot about some food stored in a barrel in the cellar and it had fermented or something, and developed into a brown sauce. Disgusting, really, but so great on a bacon sandwich!


    1. Thanks for the reply.

      Okay, so it was actually “fries” in the basket. However, they were thicker and shorter than most normal American fries. The location had a “Chippy” banner flying outside my son pulled up the story in the local Charleston tourist paper with the backstory.

      I did not know the HP sauce was manufactured in Holland. All I know is it is on every table or available as a condiment in every pub, chippy, or restaurant I have eaten in while in the UK.

      Thanks again….!


    1. I had a brief moment of panic when he greeted us at the door Saturday. I always, and hope to get over it someday, look at his pupils first and they were tiny. I relaxed as soon as he closed the doors and they equalized!

      Learning to breathe again is a slow process but it is getting easier!


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