Like It Was Your Last One

With vacation ending soon and the 4th a recent memory, I am sensing a change in the force.

MrsL came to bed last night and wanted me inside her almost immediately. No foreplay, well just enough to get her nice and wet, was offered. She took out the PA spending a few glorious minutes sucking Her Cock (hasn’t used that term in about a month) before rolling over, spreading her legs, then pulling me into her!

Take your time and enjoy this…like it is your last one for awhile…

Of course she rewarded me by allowing me to bring her to several rapid fire orgasms as I licked her clean. I am pretty sure she has emptied my tank this week…four orgasms and counting.

She hasn’t mentioned the Steelheart yet and I am headed down for a weekend of minor league baseball with both of my boys so this weekend may be the end of the devotional sex play…stay tuned!

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