Vacation Fun

From Friday night at midnight when I got home until right now my staycation has been spectacular!

From being tied to the bed after being gloriously teased while she showered through three orgasms, the most recent about 2 hours ago, the week off has been one constant state of arousal for both of us.  I mean I was so horny and desperate Friday night/Saturday morning after MrsL came to bed to tease me then abruptly cinch me spread eagle to the bed with a raging erection and laugh as she told me she was going to take a shower.  I found myself actually jealous of the damn water caressing her body.  She got a real laugh out of that when I told her as she climbed on my helpless body smelling wonderful!  She didn’t release me until she took me to the edge of orgasm a dozen times. As each appendage was release she drove home the fact that she was off limits the remainder of the evening.  I went to sleep curled up next to her falling asleep with her holding a still holding my still throbbing erection.

I thought the night was over but something switched on in her.  She flipped over and latched onto one nipple with her teeth clamping the second one with her hand.  Nibbling up my neck until her mouth was near my ear while the hand that had been on my nipple slid back down to find the penis standing straight up:  I want you inside me…but you are not to have an orgasm.

As we lay there intertwined me varying pace and depth she kept congratulating me on my control, how pleased she was that I had surrendered sexual gratification to her, how long I was lasting inside her, then how a princess is able to change her mind….

GO…and don’t stop!  We had climbed in bed just after midnight…it was now 3 a.m.  Her shower lasted about half an hour.  DAMN! She had two more orgasms as I was licking her clean.

The rest of the week she has taken great pleasure in allowing me inside her wonderful velvety pussy every day keeping me guessing as to the “yes” or “no” for my release.

The second orgasm happened after 21 left for work Tuesday.   MrsL asked me to shave her in preparation for our trip to the local amusement / water park. Afterwards she allows me to check the smoothness by licking her, usually making me stop short of her orgasm, driving me mad.  Not this time!  Three orgasms later she pulled me to a standing position, removed the PA ring, and directed me inside her.

What is Independence Day without some personal fireworks…enjoy.

I collapsed on top of her moments later.

Yesterday, at the water park I took a leap of faith.  Just before we left out little cabana I asked her if she wanted to play a game today.  She was intrigued enough to say yes.  I can’t believe I actually went for it…but I did.

“The rest of the day, if you choose to, I would like you to point out any guy that you find sexy…any guy that IF you ever decided you wanted to play with…you would bring home.”

At first I thought I had royally fucked up.  There was a bit of a confused look on her face when she asked,

Any guy I wanted to play with?

“Yes, Princess.”  I decided to soften my approach. “Not that you would ever want to but IF you did…guys that you find to be hot enough to bring home to play.”

What so you could…(incredibly long pause)…watch?  The big grin after that statement put my mind to ease.

We had to wait a few moments before walking out because she let her hand slide down to my swim trunks as she said watch.

Oh, you are excited about the thought of that…who would have guessed that.

The remainder of the day she pointed out three guys all with the same qualities: 40ish, dads, short salt and pepper hair, with noticeable well defined cocks when their trunks were wet.  There was one exception, a young 20-something stud whose group had a cabana down past ours!  Anytime we were taking a break from the sun and this guy walked by NEITHER of us could keep our eyes off of him.  Tall, well defined abs, short hair, and a gorgeous large cock.  He was so well endowed it didn’t matter if his swim trunks were wet or not…she even commented about me staring at it once before wondering if she could ever handle such a large cock.  Each time she would point out a guy…I instantly got hard.  Thankfully, other than cabana guy, we were always in the wave pool so I don’t think anyone ever noticed.

On the drive home, I asked if she enjoyed the game receiving a definitive yes.  She even commented that we might play that game again the next time we were out.

I am pretty confident she will never ever have sex with another man.  However, if she is willing to play our new little game it might be just as erotically satisfying!


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