Septum Piercings, Man Buns, & Poor Manners

Okay, fair warning this is not going to be a kinky post.  I haven’t traveled in a few weeks and a few things just caught me a bit off guard today on my journey.  So, if your here looking the sexy escapades of me and MrsL…check back later this week.

First…this post is just my ramblings on some things I have noticed.  Please know, that I love people and only showing my lack of understanding about current fads/trends/actions.

Did I miss the memo or what?  I’m all for body piercings…I mean…I have one in the most sensitive part of my body…the head of my cock.  I get the multiple ear piercings.  I think nipple piercings are sexy…I want one but MrsL has threatened divorce if I ever do.  I have never truly grasped the whole concept of eye brow or lip piercings.  I even think certain nose piercings, ones pierced through the nostrils, look good on most people.

However, when did piercing the septum become so prevalent?  Maybe they have always been there and I haven’t seen them…somehow I doubt that…but I see them everywhere. This morning, in the matter of 15 minutes walking to my gate, I saw no fewer than 6 of them.  I know, this is my idea of what looks good, but they just don’t look good.  For me, they are an instant distraction.  I also realize that my definition of “looking professional” is wildly different than others.  However, I do know that a septum piercing would not work in most of corporate America.  Again, no offense if you have one I just don’t understand them.

I can only hope this next “style” soon goes the way of the mullet: the “man bun”!

I grew up a country boy and had a head full of hair.  According to my Mom, I even let it grow out long when I was 4 or 5.  When a family friend walked with me sitting beside my older sister and asked who the other little girl was sitting there I demanded it be cut off that night.   I spent 8 years in the Army.  I can’t remember the last time my hair was past my ears.  When I see a man bun the first thing that comes to mind, Pebbles (it is a cartoon reference so if you don’t know…Google it).

I’m just a short hair guy.  I can count on one hand the number of guys with long hair that I have thought looked good…maybe three fingers.   Again, maybe it is because it is summer but it seemed like three out of every five guys in the airport this morning were sporting the distinctive little ball of hair on top of their head.  If you are one of those guys…good for you.  I just know I could never do that.

Finally, where did common courtesy and good manners go?  When you compound normal business travel, because let’s face it some of were definitely traveling for work this morning, with the crush of vacation travel (i.e. people who fly once or twice a year max) there is bound to be some minor kerfuffle’s.  Today was no exception.

First, look at your damn boarding pass.  If you are in Zone 7 and you are a large family please don’t stand in front of the boarding lanes or try to board with Zone 1.  I applaud American for finally enforcing their boarding process…the agent just needed to come out and ask them to move again.

Second, one carry on and one personal item doesn’t mean three, four, or five bags.  When they offer to courtesy check your bags take advantage so we aren’t delayed.  When you do get on and most if not all of the doors on the overhead bins are closed stop walking down the aisle ranting about “getting your bag on board” as you open every damn door.  Again, American did a decent job finally getting the bag checked but we were late leaving.

Third, when you are in a middle or window seat two rows behind me with 4 other people already standing in the aisle please don’t start trying to push your way up through the aisle of the plane to get off.

Rant over…we now return you to your regularly scheduled kinky reading.

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