If I let you…

MrsL was in a particularly playful and quite teasing mood last night when she crawled in to bed. By the time we curled up to go to sleep a new dynamic emerged.

First she laid down beside me propped up on an elbow looking at me with that playful yet intimidating grin. Without saying a word she started biting and pinching my nipples. Earlier in the day when it was just the two of us and I was sitting beside her naked I caught myself reaching up and playing with my own nipples. I’m not sure why but I did. After some intense incisor biting she would move the targeted nipple back between her molars and really have me arching off the bed from the bite.

The next time I see you playing with your nipples it will cost you more than a few minutes of me biting them. 

Without waiting for me to acknowledge she turned her attention to the fully involved erection. She stroked me just up to that point where I could just barely notice the tingling in the balls and would stop, wait 10-15 seconds, and start right back again. She kept up this rhythm for half an hour before finally tilting my chin over to look at her…last chance and began rapidly stroking.

I tried to relax and let it happen. When she felt my body relax she stopped. Not tonight, baby.

I tried desperately for the next half hour to be able to nuzzle her breast, kiss/nibble on her ears,  worship her feet, and touch/lick/suck her clit. Every time I would get close to anywhere erotic she would firmly and confidently say NO and use my collar, hair, or whatever she could grab to pull my face back to hers. 

I’m usually pretty persistent and she loves how I to touch her. Last night, I could touch anywhere except her truly hot spots. I begged. I whimpered like a puppy those first few nights you bring it home. I even made offers to do anything she wanted for the honor of giving her an orgasm.

Before turning over for me to snuggle up to her back:

I will not be changing my mind. 

“Please Princess…you can change your mind!” I tried snaking a finger down her rib cage and got as far as her hip before she clamped down on it and repeated her favorite word tonight: NO!

If I always change my mind from your wonderful touching, begging, pleading…promising then…

There was a few minutes of silence. My head was spinning and the penis which had began to go limp sprung back to life.

Then…I am no longer in charge…you would be in charge…and that just isn’t going to happen anymore. Sweet dreams .

One last hot passionate kiss and she rolled over. I hugged her tighter than I can ever remember.

“Thank you my Princess. Thank you for saying no and not changing your mind. I want you so badly.”

Hush, you have me…all of me and this is what I want tonight…curled up in your arms. My nipples and breast and feet and warm wet pussy will still be here Friday night when you get home. Now go to sleep!

Once again, she surprises me!

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