Father’s Day Fun…Part 3

I am not sure how long I laid there spread eagle on the bed.  After the first two or three songs I must have dozed off.  I determined after MrsL was done playing for the afternoon that she had gone down and had lunch as I recuperated.  I was jolted back to reality with a harsh blast from the Hush vibrator.  I guess my shout and flailing on the bed was funny!  MrsL seemed to think so anyway as I could hear her laughing through the noise canceling headphones blaring “Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC.  How apropos.

As I drifted off  I had fully reconciled I was going to be her willing plaything…no matter what was going to happen.  I mean…I have been wanting this type of a play for months.

The music ended and the headphones were removed with an inquiry about my state of mind and need to relive myself.  When I let my Princess know that I was fine she proceeded with her next phase.

The blindfold was adjusted and tightened up snug.  I knew I would not be seeing the action.

The Hush plug was removed.  My feet were unhooked from the straps and placed in a spreader bar.  Efficiently and fluidly, MrsL had each arm unhooked from the straps and secured in the center of the spreader bar.  The ends of the spreader bar were then hooked in to the restraining straps at the head of the bed and pulled tight…rolling me up and exposing my ass to her pleasures.  I was instantly hard again and she toyed with the full on erection as she outlined what she was going to be doing for the next few minutes which required a warning of “close” from me.

Raking her nails from my ass up over the back of my thighs had me squirming in my bonds.

You need to lay still or you will not like the outcome.

She went back at my thighs and ass with her nails causing me to squirm even more.  I learned very quickly the outcome for squirming.  Her small riding crop stung the red skin.  Ten rapid fire lashes landed on each thigh.  When finished she admonished me again to stop squirming. I did my best to not squirm again until she finished scratching my legs and thighs.

The next sound I heard sent chills of excitement across my body as well as thoughts racing through my mind to quickly finding sub space.  I never know if she is has the bigger clamps or the smaller clamps until they bite into flesh.  Today the heady jolt of the little blue clamps sent spasms through my chest.  One each per nipple lovingly opened and “snapped” in to place deep on the nipple.  She then takes great pleasure in moving them out further from the last “bite” over the course of using them until the only thing they are clamped on is the very tip of the nipple.  Exquisite!


After she had them applied to her liking,  I heard her moving about the end of the bed.  Moments later I felt her fingers probing my hole…gently slipping in one then two then three fingers.  The fingers were soon replaced by the head of a dildo.  MrsL let the head rest just inside the sphincter a few seconds, I guess watching my breathing patterns.  When I took a deep calming breath she cleverly slid the dildo in until the balls of the dildo were resting against my balls.  I was in pure joy!  Nipples on fire from the clamps and my ass filled with her dildo!

However, joy turned to a true test only moments later.

MrsL began with a slow gently ebb and flow inside me.  The ebb and flow became a torrent of hard aggressive full on pounding of my ass.  The only real break was when she would switch hands.  The more intense the fucking of my ass became the more the clamps on my nipples bounced back on forth against my chest.  I have never had a full on anal orgasm…and…I still haven’t.  MrsL was on her game!  I didn’t even have to say close…she slowed down the rhythmic grind in my ass just as the nerve endings in my body began firing the beginning of the orgasm.  The slow grind was soon over.  The clamps were removed and I was released from the spreader bar.

With a huge grin on her face: Clean everything up and put it away.  You don’t get the rest of your gift until tonight.  She walked out not looking back or saying another word.  I glanced a the clock and realized I had about 30 minutes before 21 got home from work.  We had been playing hard for nearly 4 hours.

When we went to bed, after we were certain 21 was asleep, she pulled out the little blue clamps again, instructed me to “act like you are tied down…if you move I stop” then applied the clamps back to my sore nipples, then removed the PA jewelry herself.  I didn’t move a muscle.

A bottle of lube in her hands she nestled in between my legs.  After sucking me to two near misses she drizzled lube over the head and began stroking me ever so slowly.  As she stroked she started talking to me about how she wanted me to relax…to not tense up or fight the pain racing through my body from the clamps on the nipples…to enjoy what was about to happen.  Wrapping both hands around my shaft she stroked me a few times before separating her hands.  One hand stayed just under the base where she began swirling the thumb on the most sensitive area…right where the piercing hole is located. With the lightest of feather grips, her other hand continued stroking.

MrsL continued telling me how excited she was to give me her Father’s Day present…extolling me to relax and let it happen.  My toes began curling as the muscles in my groin fired.  Having never heard her give me explicit permission to have an orgasm I let her know I was close.  I uttered close three of four times and she kept swirling and stroking.  As my entire body tensed, MrsL felt what she needed to feel, that little twitch at the base of the penis signaling an impending full on orgasm and STOPPED EVERYTHING!

The resulting spoiled orgasm was brutally unsatisfying!  Since I wasn’t blindfolded I could see the look of sheer delight on her face and I bit my lip so as not to scream.  Afterwards, MrsL lovingly wiped away a bit of blood from the corner of my mouth I had bitten so hard.  As cum was still oozing from the head of the penis, MrsL moved up to remove the clamps each one causing the penis to jump a bit.  MrsL wiped her hands clean then returned to scoop up the puddles on my stomach then presenting the hand to my mouth.  I made sure it was licked clean.

We finally curled up in bed with me thanking her vociferously for my gifts.  We fell asleep curled up and content.

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