Her Hunger

While I am finishing up my post about Sunday’s Father’s Day fun I thought I would toss out this little gem…

Back a few months ago when I was once again having so many issues with swelling and performance issues I introduced MrsL to Devotional Sex.  We had talked about it early on in our chastity journey but both knew that enforced chastity was the way to go.  For me, I still crave being locked in the Steelheart and am once again looking at better options for travel:  can anyone say Steelwerks Extreme…

Anyway, MrsL has been rather coy about putting me in her Steelheart on this extended break from travel.  I do have a trip next week but then I have a week of vacation.  I think she is really digging this whole concept of Devotional Sex coupled with CFNM.  Of course the CFNM is sporadic with 21 at home for the summer. She is also much more hungry for sex…plus the teasing and denial aspect has increased a hundred percent.

Tuesday when it was just the two of us in the house I went down to grab some lunch.  She was engrossed in her laptop, or so I thought, as I was strolling on in to the kitchen I heard that wonderful playful voice call out:

Oh, my naked knight, please come stand in front of me.

What is a guy supposed to do?  Obey his Princess, right.

I walked over and noticed a big soft blanket folded at her feet.  She motioned for me to kneel down in front of her.  NOTE, with my recent knee issues it is much more difficult to kneel and she is not one to go on that type of power exchange but I went with it…the blanket helped…I wasn’t there very long.

After a brief visual inspection she placed her nails on either side of my chest and raked them all the way down to my waist.  Her left hand walked back up to my right nipple while her right hand wrapped around the rapidly stiffening penis.

Pinching the nipple in her fingers and stroking the penis had me moaning loudly.  So loudly that I didn’t notice when she stopped stroking the penis and brought the other hand up to start pinching the other nipple.  I melt when she does this.  However, the gentle and playful pinching suddenly became her punishing “right on the end of the nipple” pinch plus her mood changed.

If that cock rubs against my leg one more time you will be back in the Steelheart for a long time…even when traveling.  

She wrapped a hand around my burgeoning manhood to pull me up to my feet the tilted my eyes to hers with a finger on my chin.

I was going to allow you to give me an orgasm…not now. Get your lunch and go back to work. I Love you!

Later that night she got her orgasms!

Then last night….DAMN!

She wasn’t sleepy when I went off to bed so she sent me off with her “sweet dreams” rule in effect…meaning when she did come to bed she was totally and completely off limits sexually!

I always wake up when she comes to bed and spoon up against her back with an arm wrapped over her so my hand cups a breast.  We both love this!  When she invokes “sweet dreams” I can still spoon up to her but my arm has to be over the duvet so as not to touch…so that is what I did.  When she whispered, please caress my back, I began gently running a finger up and down her spine.

Like a predator pouncing on its prey, the sheets were kicked off, she flipped in the bed and was pinning me to the mattress, with this statement:  I’m hungry…take it out!  For a few minutes she straddled my body and kissed me deeply as I fumbled to quickly remove the curved barbell from the PA.  Once I dropped the jewelry on the floor she snaked a hand down my chest to find the instantly fully erect penis.  Seconds later she had swallowed her new favorite toy completely…I mean her tongue was flicking around my balls.

The oral sex I was treated to was spectacular.  Alternating between focusing solely on the head with her tongue to burying her face in my balls to squeezing the base of the penis then slowly licking up the shaft and sticking her tongue in the empty PA hole or the slit, I was on the verge of losing control several times.  Each time I would start the word “close” I was admonished with:  Don’t You Dare.

It has been a long time since she let me watch her give me a blow job. With my eyes adjusted to the dark room plus the little bit of light filtering in under our blinds the visual show only amped up my near loss of control.  After several near misses where she would stop everything, place her hands over the base of the penis, and rest her chin on her hands effectively trapping the building eruption of cum where it started, she crawled up my body gripping me in her hand and slid her warm wet pussy down on me fully.

You do not have permission to cum tonight!

Well, after all of that wonderful oral sex I was struggling with nearly cumming almost instantly.  She would buck up and down a few times and I would say close…she would pull out for a scant few seconds…then drive back down on the penis and begin bucking again.  When I started with “close, close, close, close” she pulled up and hovered over my body as I tensed every muscle in my body to block the orgasm.

Laughing, she rolled over and touched the tip of the penis.  Oh, did I spoil another orgasm…here clean my hand.

There wasn’t much cum on her hand and when her hand was clean she pulled me on top of her…I’m still hungry and you’re still hard…you still do not have permission to cum.

I slipped inside her and almost instantly had to pull back out and counted to ten before slowly parting her pussy and driving in deeply.  I just lay there and let her massage the penis with her pussy.  That’s when both hands went to  my shoulders forcing my face down her body.

It was my turn to give her fantastic oral sex.  She had several massive full body grinding her pussy all over my face orgasms before finally pushing me off of her with…I’m full.

We snuggled up in bed and were asleep in seconds both completely full and sated.

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