Father’s Day Fun…Part 2

MrsL was giddy with pleasure.  I lay there across her knee for several minutes while she played with the different settings and boy do they vary greatly.  When she asked for my phone I got a bit nervous.  A few moments later she exclaimed, YES, then told me to stand up.

As I stood there anxiously awaiting her instructions…feeling both incredibly energized (no pun intended) and just a bit nervous.

Smiling, she handed me my phone.  Then her mood shifted a bit.  With the most serious look on her face:

Put on the exact same clothes you wore earlier to go get donuts and go to the grocery store.  I’ve put a list of items I need to make your favorite meal on your phone as well as a new app.  You must let me know how the app works when you get home.  

She handed my phone back and beamed with devilish curiosity.  Now I was genuinely sexually petrified!

As the clothes I had worn out earlier were on the floor beside the sofa I hurriedly put them on.  To say it was difficult would be a huge understatement.  MrsL kept playing with the settings for the Hush the entire time causing me to visibly twitch with each new pattern.  One such vibration caused me to jump like someone had just grabbed my ass.

Oh, that is what the high setting does…hehe!  What is taking  you so long to leave?  I promise I will only use the lower settings for the next few minutes. 

I could tell from her cute little evil smile that her last statement was probably not 100% accurate.  As I walked toward the door I glanced around to see her fastidiously studying her screen.  I called back, “Bye Princess…I Love You” then walked out.

The drive to the store came with two ten to fifteen second (I really didn’t count the time just my best guess) burst of vibrations.  It was creating quite the stir in the groin and I just knew I would be walking around the grocery store sporting a noticeable defined erection in my little running shorts.  The drive to the store is a short one so I was there in short order.  Walking in, I was scanning the parking lot and entrance for anyone I knew…thankfully…there was no one.  Of course I know several of the employees because I am in there frequently but I didn’t have to stop and talk to them.  Several minutes after the last burst while driving a got a quick little buzz.  I was on high alert and don’t think I made any sudden movements but I did blurt out a clearly audible:  “Ohhh”.  That did turn a few heads but I just kept walking.  Thankfully, my loins were not overreacting.  Yes, there was a very clear outline of my manhood that made me look like I was a porn star.  No, the full on erection stayed at bay!

Being in the south on a Sunday there were several folks just getting out of their preferred church service.  I got a couple of sideways glances.  It wasn’t I got to the checkout that I know someone noticed.

As with any grocery store; it is full of college kids home for the summer working for their beer money the next semester.  There were two or three exceedingly hot young men working as cashiers so I purposely got in the lane with the one I thought the hottest.  MrsL must have been spying on me because as I was waiting for the older lady having her order rang up in front of me I received yet another quick little vibrating burst causing my cock to surge a little.  The little old lady never really looked at me…who knows what would have happened…but as soon as the young man looked at me to start my transaction I noticed his eyes instantly lock on my shorts.  He blushed and cleared his throat then went on scanning my items.  I glanced down and noticed just how clearly the shorts had outlined my semi soft penis…so clear that the PA barbell was obvious as was a little wet spot.  Instead of moving up in front of the check stand thus blocking his view I stood at the end beside my cart.  We had several playful non verbal exchanges.  I finally moved around to pay for my order ending our little non verbal play.  As he handed my receipt over the counter he leaned close to me and whispered: “Nice shorts.”  I just smiled and walked out.

There were no more burst until I got home.  After bringing in the purchase I went to stand in front of MrsL and neatly folded my clothes.  Of course, I had to recount every little detail about my trip to the store for MrsL and I blushed and stammered horribly telling her about the male cashier.  To her credit and my surprise all I got from her, other than the brilliantly devilish grins as I talked was:

Perfect, the app works like described.  Now, I need a foot massage.  

I sat down in front of my Princess and waited while she extended her recliner and got comfortable.  As I started massaging her right foot I leaned in and attempted to begin sucking the big toe on her left foot…something I’ve done many times.  A quick jolt from the Hush, of what I can only believe is the highest setting, for a few seconds got my attention.

I don’t remember giving you permission to suck my toes.  I distinctly remember saying I needed a foot massage.  That is what I want…the ONLY thing I WANT. 

My body flushed.  I was both instantly embarrassed and proud!  How are those two feelings even possible in this situation?

I sat there for over an hour meticulously massaging her feet, ankles, and calves (at her direction) while she watched through a couple of DVR’d shows.  The entire time, I kept glancing up to look at her and not once did she make eye contact.  In a strange way, I was happy with her ignoring me.

When she was ready:  Go upstairs and put yourself in the cross. I’ll be up shortly.  

I scampered up to our room grabbing the cuffs, got three of four limbs attached, and waited.  During the wait I was treated to a series of varying vibration sensations.  When she finally came striding in the room to secure my one free arm she glanced down and complimented me for removing the PA jewelry.  She walked back out briefly and returned with her misting bottle full of COLD water.  (NOTE: even though she doesn’t read my blog I give her some of the stories I write…to include the last one I posted).

MrsL completely misted my entire body paying special attention to the penis and balls.  Once pleased, she walked over to the toy box and retrieved the ball crusher then promptly got her new toy threaded through the holes trapping the balls with the exposed penis rapidly getting hard.  Again, she walked out of the room then returned with a cup and a wry smile.

Of course, this cup doesn’t mean you are getting an orgasm but if I am feeling generous YOU WILL be consuming every last drop of anything that CUMS out of my new favorite toy.

Sitting down in front of my exposed body and using the water bottle for lube, MrsL was feeling somewhat generous.  I say somewhat because there were three spoiled orgasms in this position before she moved me to the bed for round two of her playful day.

The combination of slowly crushing my balls and her various stimulation techniques had me a panting mess leading up to the first spoiled orgasm…her gently circling a thumb right underneath the head over the exposed PA hole.  Right before she picked up the cup all the while still circling the thumb she gave each nut on the ball crusher a few turns.  Right as the “cl” of close crossed my lips, MrsL removed her hand holding the cup up to the end of my throbbing cock.

The rush that had been building across every fiber of my body dissipated instantly leaving me wailing.  MrsL sat there commenting about how good it must feel to finally have an orgasm and encouraging my cock to continue slowly leaking.  It was mesmerizing.  Taking her hand and squeezing up the shaft she milked as much cum out as possible then stood up.  Not wanting to disappoint I instantly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue allowing her to pour out the contents of the cup.  I smiled for her as I swallowed.

Now, let’s do that all over again…

For the next one, she let me get soft enough to remove the ball crusher so she could nestle and swirl the balls in her hand as she used her tongue to coax another spoiled orgasm out of me.  It was awesome…including having to consume my own cum.

As I was cleaning out the cup a second time and sensing some fatigue, as I had all but collapsed into the cuffs, MrsL reached up and unlatched my hands.  Dragging nails down my chest, balls, and legs she unlatched my ankles and walked me over to the bed and quickly had me spread eagle on the bed.  She busied herself at the toy box then walked over with the blindfold.  Placing the blindfold in place she asked where my Bose noise canceling headphones were.  I told her and she quickly retrieved them, returned, and had me in lost in classic rock.

I was bound, blindfolded, and couldn’t hear.  I felt her breath on my neck as she exposed one ear.

You relax and recharge for awhile.  I’ll be back later. I think I want to play with your ass when I get back.  

A quick kiss on the forehead and then nothing but darkness and classic rock.



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      1. Going out with almost guaranteed discovery, minimal communication, the drink! I don’t know, maybe I’m just feeling exceptionally wimpy today! I’d have been in a constant state of terror~

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