Father’s Day Fun…Part 1

If you haven’t read my brief post from Sunday morning you can find out how my Saturday ended and Sunday began here.  Now to continue where I left off.

All day long until 21 left for work the verbal and physical teasing from MrsL slowly amped up.   It started as we were enjoying the donuts she sent me to get for breakfast.  She prefers Bavarian Crème donuts…and made sure that she saved one for lunch…after 21 had left for the day.

After sauntering over to the kitchen and back all the while making sure I was watching, MrsL carefully selected a donut from the box then settled back in at the far end of the sofa.  I was completely entranced.  Bringing the powdered sugar coated pastry up to her now fully engorged pink lips she stuck out her tongue and hungrily lapped at the white sugar.  I could feel my eyes bugging out of my skull.  After licking the donut clean she focused her attention on the little hole made when they injected the Bavarian crème inside.  Pausing from playfully swirling her tongue around the opening she looked at me smiling:  Just think, I could be swirling my tongue around the little hole at the end of my favorite toy right now…

With that, she drove her tongue deep inside the pastry and removed it covered in Bavarian Crème…smiled again…then pulled her tongue back through her plump lips.  I was so focused on her mouth, that donut, and the rapidly growing bulge in my shorts that I didn’t see her demeanor shift ever so slightly.  Hell, who am I kidding, it wasn’t slight!

Why are you still wearing clothes?  After you strip go to the garage and get my crop out and wait! 

I know my face contorted wildly as she chuckled out loud.  I got up removed my clothes dropping them on the floor then moved quickly to the garage.  We keep her crop hidden out there so I got it out and placed it at the base of the front windshield of her car then leaned over the hood, as required.  It has been a long time since she has spanked me and my mind was a flood of emotions so much so that I was shaking when she came confidently striding in to the garage.  Without uttering a word, MrsL picked up her crop and commenced wielding it effectively.

I tried desperately to prepare myself for this to no avail.  To ensure I didn’t get too lost in my own sub space, MrsL demanded I count the strokes out loud.  As I heard the whistling followed immediately by leather caressing the center of my ass I knew she was very VERY serious.  If I delayed calling out the number or she had to ask because I wasn’t loud enough that particular stroke did not count.  Fifty, not including the five or six I had to repeat, strokes later the crop was placed on the hood of the car.  As her fingers gently swirled in the small of my back she leaned over and whispered in my ear:

The last ten were for making me tell you to remove clothes and leaving them in a heap on the floor.

Placing a finger under my chin she pulled my face to hers.  I saw a brief look of horror on her face when she realized I had tears in my eyes. My very quick “Thank You Princess” followed by a broad warm smile chased that look from her face.  Wiping away a tear she took me by the hand leading me to the couch where she sat down then motioned for me to lay down guiding my head to her lap.  Laying there, my flesh still on fire from the spanking and MrsL gently running her fingers through my hair, curled up against her I had an overwhelming sense of peace, comfort, and belonging.  My mind raced and I knew I had to ask…but my mouth froze…so the thought bolted back in to the recesses of my mind.

Oh, as I write this there are still marks on my ass.  The best part is I go for a Low T injection every Monday morning.  The provider I use is completely staffed by cute 20-something nurses and the doctor in charge is a 30-something woman who every week, with a wry knowing smile, tells me she likes my lock charm collar (okay leather cord).  She knows.  Anyway, when the nurse came in to administer the injection and I pulled my shorts down enough to reveal my left cheek I heard an audible gasp.  She asked if I was okay to which I laughingly said yes then she said she replied:  “This is going to sting a little more than usual I guess” before popping the needle in place.  And yes it did sting a lot but after the needle I saw being inserted in my knee for the arthogram and MRI contrast dye injection it was not so bad.  Now back to the story.

I was really disappointed with myself for not asking out loud what was screaming in my head.  I just hoped I had another chance to ask later in the day.

After a few minutes of after care from the spanking MrsL mentioned her feet needed some attention so I rolled on to the floor and immediately began sucking the toes of one foot while massaging the other.  Alternating between feet, I lost myself in making sure she was happy until she placed a toe under my chin to pull my eyes level with hers.

Go upstairs and prepare yourself for my pleasure.  I trust I don’t have to tell you what I mean.  Get out all of my toys then come back downstairs.  I don’t care how long it takes I just want you clean.  Understand?  

Sitting at her feet feeling the warmth of the spanking radiating through my entire body intently gazing in her beautiful warm blue eyes the screaming in my head took over.  I took a deep breath, swallowed hard, then opened my mouth.  At first nothing came out.  I took another deep breath as curiosity overtook MrsL’s face.

“Will you please take complete control of me today?  Please tell me what to do, what not to do, when I can touch you, when I can’t touch you….I need this…please.”

Okay, that was not what I really wanted to say but it was a start.  I wanted to say can we please move farther down the Wife Led Marriage path but this was a good start for a conversation in bed later that night.

MrsL smiled.  “Didn’t I just give you some directions to follow? Before you come down there is a box under my side of the bed…you’ve already been introduced…bring it down to me…THE BOX IS NOT TO BE OPENED and you might want to bring down the lubricant.”

I, as much as my stiff knee allowed, sprinted upstairs.  Thoughts were crashing around inside my skull the entire time I was getting myself and everything else prepared:

  • Oh shit, what have I done
  • Are you really ready for this
  • Of course you are ready…your over half way there already
  • We are going to have to be very open and communicate much more

Having to get all of the restraints and toys ready helped calm my nerves.  When I was certain I was clean I reached under the bed and pulled out one of her small business boxes, grabbed the lube, and trotted downstairs.  I was excited but disappointed that it was a business box…I sort of thought and was right…she had put her surprise for me in a plain box.  I presented myself to MrsL and handed her the box.  She sat up in her recliner then motioned for me to lay across her lap.  As she busied herself opening the box:

I really love my handiwork with the crop this morning…we will have to make sure we don’t go so long between spankings ever again.  I need you to close your eyes and relax.  

After a quick inspection and affirming she was please with my cleanliness, I felt a familiar firmness pressing against my sphincter with an admonition from MrsL to relax.  She guided her new toy inside me until the bulb of the plug was properly seated in place.

You can open your eyes….

Sitting there at eye level this empty box…


As my eyes adjusted and a smile lit up my face the first pulse of this lovely little device coursed through my body.  Shuddering a bit created best little playful giggle I’ve heard from MrsL in some time.

This is going to be so much fun.  Now, I need another foot massage.

I slid down her legs moving back slightly as she engaged the recliner.  I tried to go back to licking/sucking on one foot while massaging the other.  As my lips wrapped around the big toe on her left foot a more intense vibration roared inside my ass as she pulled her left foot away from me placing the ball of that foot on my forehead.

I don’t remember saying you could suck or lick my feet.  I distinctly remember stating I needed a foot massage.  

The vibrating ended and I knew I was in for a long…fun…game changing day.

To Be Continued


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Fun…Part 1

    1. I am not sure. I asked her yesterday what she thought about taking a more direct role. She replied it was intriguing but she didn’t like me “staring at her hanging on her every word”.

      We have a long journey ahead of us to get this right. As I have written about before, she has a dominant side but only as it applies to being a “momma bear” or when she gets horrible customer service…repeatedly. Turning that into a loving dominant will be tricky for both of us.

      I naturally default to topping from the bottom outside the bedroom. I have long since learned she hates it in the bedroom. I’ll have as much to learn and grow as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting.
        In some ways she could see your asking as topping from the bottom. Assuming if she wanted a larger role, she’d take it. An interesting quandary. Do you get punished for topping from the bottom?

        Liked by 1 person

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