This just happened

MrsL came to bed last night after reading an erotic story I wrote for her teased me for a few minutes then whispered in my ear I needed to be fully rested for tomorrow. She then invoked the “sweet dreams” rule meaning I could not touch her sexually as we slept and rolled over to go to sleep. Damn!

As she slipped toward her on blissful slumber she began caressing my legs with her feet and a hand reached behind her to find my still engorged and throbbing manhood. I think she enjoys me being out of the Steelheart more than me being locked away. I could sense her drifting away as the gentle fondling grew less and less. 

I woke up early and took advantage of the quiet house. When 21 came down a couple hours later I went to wake up my slumbering Princess. I was treated to a wonderful deep kiss creating an instant stir in my groin. MrsL worked my shorts and underwear off to playfully stroke her prized toy (her words this morning). 

Then this happened: Put on the thinnest most shear shorts you have, no underwear, then go get donuts. Think of me and what I’m going to do to you for Father’s Day as soon as somebody leaves for work the whole time. Try not to get too embarrassed. Now go! 

Okay, that was new! 

Of course, while I didn’t have a full on raging erection the whole time there was still enough blood flow and a substantive wet spot to be noticeable. The donut shop was packed. It was both invigorating and somewhat embarrassing. Thankfully I had on a t-shirt long enough to just barely cover my crotch. When I walk in the house, there is MrsL sitting on the end of the sofa heavy flannel night gown, we keep the house cold, with her legs far enough apart for me to see her beautiful pussy. 21 was sitting at an angle and while he probably figured it out didn’t appear to be none the wiser! 

I can’t wait for him to go to work!

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