Crazy Week

It has been a long crazy week and the weekend will be way too short!

The week started with MrsL letting me out of the Steelheart late Sunday night because I had an early morning appointment with my urologist.  Good news there…PSA level back down to normal but still have BPH.  Good news from that…now on the daily little pill with the couple sitting in tubs in strange places.  The great news from that…I feel like a teenager again and MrsL is really digging it…strictly from a teasing/edging standpoint.  Since she knew I had to fly to Gotham this week for an issue coupled with going to my nephew’s high school graduation this weekend…she left me unlocked.  She has enjoyed herself while I have been at home…me…I’m still frustrated and having had an orgasm in 21 days.

I also went back to the Ortho surgeon who did my ACL repair back in 2009.  I don’t know exactly when, where, or how but I have reinjured my knee.  I remember a few times during squats back when I was lifting doing CrossFit feeling something “give” in that knee but a little ice and an Epsom salt bath seemed to help.  I also remember earlier in the spring I wrenched my ankle while mowing the lawn. We have a couple of hills in our yard and it was still slightly wet this day.  Either way, the only thing the Ortho’s PA could rule out was arthritis due to bone-on-bone as there is still plenty space between bones.  So, I have a MRI in two weeks to check the meniscus and ligaments.

The trip to Gotham was a quickie.  Flew up Wednesday and back Thursday.  The boss traveled with me for this issue as it has the potential to be ugly.  It was a good thing he did because as soon as I walked in the facility the epoxy and other chemicals used in the coating process set my asthma off to the point where I thought I was going to have to find a local ER.  Thankfully I was able to get it under control by walking outside anytime it got bad.  However, flying into and out of La Guardia was absolutely crazy.  They started an expansion project last November so traffic was worse, people were more cranky than usual, and getting to/from the rental car locations was like a journey to Mordor.

21 is helping his girlfriend navigate her way through preparing for her Mom’s passing.  The Mom was put in hospice last week with end stage metastatic pancreatic cancer.  It is tough.  I know the pain of losing a parent…it never really goes away.

MrsL is on her way back from a 6 hour round trip to get 26.  As I said up above, my oldest nephew graduates high school tomorrow and 26 really wants to attend.  Plus, his Grandmother is going to take him clothes shopping for his new job.  I am sure that will create all sorts of drama with my sister-in-law since her undivided attention will not be on my nephew.  I’ll have a great dysfunctional family post next week.

So, I am doing some laundry and watching college baseball (some of the best games of the year) and trying to decide what I want to make for dinner.

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