That look

There was a brief window yesterday afternoon for full on CFNM glory around the house when I got back from visiting one of our factories about 2 hours away.  It resulted in a new level of confidence and teasing in MrsL…producing an absolutely fantastic and empowering look from her!

So, the day started early for both of us.  MrsL had Chamber events all day beginning with her Professional Women’s Group breakfast and attending ribbon cutting ceremonies at several new businesses.  Her joining the local Chamber has been great for her business.  If I’m being honest, it has been great for her personal confidence as well.  I had to spend 2.5 hours, one way, driving to a factory to talk to the plant manager for making poor decisions.  Then of course…the 2.5 hour drive back home.

I got home around 4 to an empty house…YES!  I stripped in the pantry and carried my clothes up to the room.  MrsL had released me from the Steelheart for the day since all of our facilities have metal detectors for employees before entering.  She has long since firmly set the rule even though she will not always put the Steelheart on me, SHE will always be the one to lock it in place.  So, I had a few minutes of pure nakedness in the house.  Okay, yes…I did take a few liberties to hold the penis in my hand and play with the curved barbell in my piercing…but nothing else!  I was on the phone, go figure, when she got home around 5:30.  She went in the bedroom and came out in a cute little cotton short pajama set she had found at one of the grand openings.  My eyes lit up like the Boston harbor on July 4th.  Deep purple in color, my favorite color, with shorts that covered just enough of her cheeks…you know…that little sliver of ass just hanging out like a waning moon just stunning.  The top was equally as mouth watering with a deep cut neckline giving me the best view whether she was walking toward me or away from me.

Needless to say, there was a bit of a surge in the penis.  She just smiled and walked away. When I finished the call, I bolted downstairs to find her lounging in her recliner.  I kneeled down in front of her and just lay my head in her lap.  She wrapped her legs around my body and played with my hair and rubbed my neck for a few minutes before pulling my face to hers.  One of the things I like, okay I absolutely LOVE, about our new dynamic is the PASSION in our kissing.  Whether the kiss is a brief hello/good morning or as it was right at this moment; deep, thirst quenching, energizing my soul kisses there is always passion.

Needless to say all of the attention from her coupled with the obvious absence of steel between my legs allowed the penis to rage fully in to an erection.  With my body pinned to the recliner with her legs the erection was trapped in a downward position…a bit uncomfortable.  Once she had what she wanted/needed from our kiss, she let me rest my head on her breast for a couple of minutes before coyly mentioning not seeing the Steelheart when I came down.  That is when I saw “that look!”

As I stood up, the erection made itself obvious.  As I was standing there watching for any indication she would sit up and play with the penis all I got was a wry smile with a look that spoke volumes.  MrsL’s eyes lit up along with that smile yet she didn’t speak one word.  That look said it all!

It was one of those playful yet demanding looks that clearly let me know:  she wasn’t touching any part of me at that exact moment and you better go find your Steelheart.

I stated I needed to grab some ice which earned me a shake of her head with a bigger smile.  I loved the fact that she was communicating solely with her face, her eyes, her expressions!

I needed the ice!  Her actions had me so revved up that it took wrapping the ice around the erect penis for a full minute before it deflated.  After getting everything, except the lock, in place I ran back down to her where she promptly seated the lock and took the key.

Again, communicating non verbally, she sat up on the edge of the recliner motioning for me to put my hand behind my back.  She looked up at me as both hands snaked up the outside of my legs before cupping the balls.  She leaned in and kissed, nibbled, and alternately sucked each of them in her mouth.  I was shocked that the penis was trying to get hard again so quickly after the last erection.  (I guess the ED/BPH treatment is working.  My doctor has me on the once a day little pill advertised with a man and woman sitting in separate bathtubs out in the middle of a dock and damn does it make the penis feel young again.  Haven’t needed one of those magic bullet shots in awhile.)  Sorry, got distracted.

As she continued to insist on eye contact as she played and teased, rolling the balls in one hand and stroking the trapped erection behind the base ring, she simply said:  MINE!

Let’s make dinner.  She noticed I was leaking precum like an old faucet and smeared it in the palm of her hand then holding it up to my mouth.


We made dinner, me naked and her in her cute new pj’s, then all the fun ended as it was almost time for 21 to get home from work.  When we went to bed we just cuddled and fell asleep as we were both exhausted.

I will never forget THAT LOOK!

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