Last night

MrsL went back to Tennessee for the long holiday weekend.  Her Mom had asked her to come in at the request of a second cousin.  The reason for the request was both powerful and emotional.

The cousin was the last in a long chronology of women in the family in possession of an heirloom diamond and as the first daughter of the oldest son in the current generation she felt it was proper to give it to MrsL.  The cousin, the firstborn of MrsL’s Dad’s half brother, thought it needed to continue with direct descendants and since she has no family…well…you know.  It was, after all, Mrs’L’s “Nana’s” after it being bequeathed to her by her Mother upon her passing.  The diamond, as we are awaiting the official appraisal, is by all reports a near perfect in all the C’s the matter.  It is a 1.5 carat oval cut beauty.  To say MrsL was pleasantly in shock yet fearful at the same time would be an understatement.  She loves having the direct connection to her beloved Nana on her finger.  She is petrified she will lose the ring.  My mission: get a proper safe for all of our valuables.

It is stunning on her finger.  Her parents paid to have it set in a gorgeous ring.  I am so glad her cousin felt compelled to give it to MrsL!

She was exhausted when she got home.  I had timed her arrival almost perfectly so that dinner was ready within about 10 minutes of her arrival.  After dinner and cleaning the kitchen, with about an hour to spare before 21 got home from work; I walked over, stripped in front of her, sat at her feet, and massaged them until 21 notified us he was on his way home.  It was glorious to be completely naked, except for the Steelheart, sitting at her reclined feet making her feel good.  I scrambled to throw my clothes on when I heard the garage door began purring indicating 21 was home.  Talk about close calls….!

As pcguy0681 wrote about yesterday on this post, we are slowly moving toward a much deeper journey down the path of Wife Led Marriage.  I ache to make sure she is always happy.  I yearn for the slightest of her touch or the sting of her riding crop.  I try, without success sometimes, to keep her out of the kitchen after dinner or keep her from doing laundry or the list can go on and on.  She decides what she wants to do and when she wants to do it.  MrsL is also growing in her dominance.  Sure she lapses at times still feeling the oppressive guilt of a lifelong catholic upbringing but for the most part she is becoming the Dominant Wife I have wanted!

When we finally went to bed after AGT and World of Dance (yes we enjoy AGT especially when acts like Puddle’s Pity Party clown/classically trained tenor or the little 11 y/o ventriloquist that ended the show) I was going to be content simply with nakedness to nakedness.  I lay down beside her and began gently caressing the small of her back and ass.  After several minutes of her soft purring to my caress, I snuggled in to go to sleep.  Was I pleasantly surprised when MrsL turned over!

First she completely stunned with me with her admission of actually pulling in to the parking lot of a major adult toy store on the way home.  She said she wasn’t quite ready but was close to venturing in to a toy store.  She is on a mission to find a bevvy of feathers for her toy box.  Any suggestions or websites anyone has with long sensual tickling feathers…please pass them along.  She curled up close to me, insisting I stay on my side, and began running a finger up and down my spine.  I melted! Her finger quickly found the inside of my ass where she teased fingering me for a long time.

At one point, she pulled my leg up over hers for greater ease of access.  The finger teasing continued, driving me wild, as she leaned in and began chewing on one of my nipples.  I had those “full body” non ejaculatory orgasms several times earning little giggles from my beloved Keyholder! When she was done teasing me she took me by the back of the neck, rolled over, and planted my face on one of her breasts.

She controlled where I went for the rest of the night.  Alternating between sucking and nibbling on each breast, she would guide my mouth to hers for moments of deep tongue down the throat kisses or to the back of her neck.  With her free hand she reached down to squeeze and fondle my aching balls.  The Steelheart was particularly vicious all evening.

When ready she guided me down her body.  As my mouth landed on her exposed engorged clit she whispered:  Mouth and fingers…

We have found that me licking and sucking on her clit while I let my fingers play with her labia or pulse them mere millimeters (only up to the first knuckle) inside her is the perfect storm.  She was cumming on my hand moments later.  I wanted so desperately to lap up her wonderful cum but she had other ideas.

She pulled me up with a handful of hair the swung her legs around off the bed before planting my mouth back on her soaked pussy.  Tongue….

I stuck out my tongue and as she held me in place started grinding up and down against my face paying special attention to where my chin landed on her down stroke…right on against her clit.  This kept up for several minutes until she was on the verge of a second orgasm.  Releasing my hair she fell back on the bed allowing me the distinct thrill of sucking and licking her over the edge.

Her entire body tensed then relaxed as a stream of ooohs and aahs with the occasional Oh My God’s thrown in escaped from her.  Her clit twitched in my mouth for what seemed like forever and once it stopped I started gently sucking it back in my mouth.  Her third orgasm was only seconds away with even more verbal approvals…she even wrapped her legs around my head to enjoy this one.

As she pulled me back up on the bed and snuggled in on my chest:  You haven’t made my toes curl like that in awhile….you are such a good knight.  

The Steelheart sprang back in to action at the compliment.  I thanked her several times for the honor of pleasuring her to completion.  A gentle finger to my lips shut me up as she drifted off to sleep.

Now, since MrsL has locked me back in the Steelheart I have not been having any issues with night time erections…last night…not so much.  I had to retrieve a cold washcloth a couple of times overnight…I guess my body and mind are rejoicing in MrsL’s control again!

Lunch is over…back to work!

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