The Never Ending Orgasm

It had been a long summer.  He had been doing most of my investigative work with rental car trips or video conferencing via Skype on his company laptop thanks to a travel ban at work.  This made his wife extremely happy because it allowed her to extend his time in her Steelheart.  With the exception of regular supervised weekly removal for deep cleaning and shaving, he had been locked in her Steelheart for 100 days.  She had milked him with the Aneros once or twice.  Other than that, he had not had an orgasm of any type in more than 5 months…the last 100 days being in steel.

Tonight that was all going to end in the most thrilling way, for her…..

I was just finishing my last call for the day.  Sitting there on the webcam in a shirt and tie from the waist up with nothing but the Steelheart had been very exciting.  Of course, I was horny as ever due to not having an orgasm in over 150 plus days.  Trying not to look past the camera where you were sitting in that curve hugging, breast lifting, erotic red leather cat suit playing pensively with the key to the Steelheart was indeed a struggle. A wry smile lit up your face when you heard me end the video call.

I stood up, loosening my tie as the computer shut off.  Your confident strut across the room made my heart flutter causing the Steelheart to work its magic containing the burgeoning erection that my body was so desperately was trying to achieve. Reaching up to my neck you finished ripping the tie from my neck all the while searching my soul with those deep blue beautiful eyes. In a slow sultry  progression you slide your fingers down my shirt undoing each button until my shirt hung loosely on my shoulders.  Dragging  your nails up my rib cage you gracefully guided the shirt over my shoulders letting it fall limp to the floor.

Reaching down you firmly grip my swollen balls: How would you like to end your extended period without an orgasm? 

That wicked little smile that makes my heart race cracked across your lips.  As I opened my mouth to tell you the obvious…it isn’t my decision…you quipped.

Don’t answer that…you may just give the wrong answer.  In a smooth quick motion your hands were latching a blindfold over my eyes.  It was a new blindfold.  It cupped my eyes quickly shutting out all light.  The unique thing I noticed was that it didn’t touch my eyelids…no pressure.

Your grip was back on my balls pulling me forward. I followed obediently…like I had a choice.  Moments later I was stretched out on the new free standing St. Andrew’s Cross just put together in the spare bedroom.  I had spent most of the last year trying to convince you to convert one of our 3 empty rooms in to a full on playroom and you finally agreed as long as all of the toys were easy to put away.

The cross you chose was a bondage dream.  Each beam was padded and had anchor points every three inches.  We spared no expense by including the dozen leather anchor straps of various widths and the adjustable headrest with its own strap plus D rings.  It even had removable steps for the ankles so once you had me strapped in the steps were removed providing a sense of floating. The best part of the cross was the large 4″ wide strap that anchored between my stomach and crotch. With my arms and legs double strapped and the waist strap in place I was completely immobile.  To say you enjoy your bondage device would be a huge understatement.

After securing the waist strap and removing the steps from under my feet you leaned up against my body; the cool leather of your cat suit emanating through my body.  I heard the zipper moving ever so slowly being pulled down your body.  In my minds eye…I could see those glorious breast popping out of your suit.  My mouth started watering.  A brief touch of your breast my aching balls and then …your touch vanished.

Moments later noise canceling headphones were added playing classic rock n roll just before my head was strapped in place and a collar place around my neck and secured to the D rings.  I was completely immobile and at your mercy.  I let my mind wander.

The next sensation that jolted me to reality was one of your favorite little toys.  Ice cold water was misted over my entire body…front and back!  Normally I can wiggle enough to avoid some of the mist.  Not this time!  I gasped as the relentless pace of the misting continued for several minutes.  I could hear you laughing through the headphones.

As the cool water was dripping down my body, I felt your hands gripping the base of my balls.  You made a point to forcefully seat the key in the tumbler and seconds later my rapidly stiffening meat popped the tube of the Steelheart off.  The cool mist was back.  You misted my cock and balls a bit but the erection was already too strong to cool off…the base ring was not coming off.

The music stopped.  The headphones were replaced by your wonderful kissing and nibbling on the back of my neck.

It’s been a long time since I let you have an orgasm….

You bit in to my neck a little.

Tonight, my knight I am going to make you cum until my cock is dry firing….

Your hands find my nipples and a gentle squeeze grows into fierce pinching.

There is just one rule…every orgasm you have will be spoiled…okay?

Raking your nails down my stomach you sink them into my low hanging balls.

Oh, in between each orgasm you will lick my hands clean each time…let’s get started.

The first spoiled orgasm came moments later.  You gracefully moved around in front of my helplessly motionless body, used the misting bottle for lube, and stroked rapidly until I was panting like I had just squared off against Usain Bolt in a 100m dash.  I didn’t have to warn you for this one…you watched my balls and just as they started to pull in close to my body: OH no…did I stop too soon….I am so glad I did…(giggle).

I sensed your hand nearing and dutifully opened my mouth.  Your hand was covered, a lot for a spoiled orgasm but I followed the rules and licked it clean.  The sweet musky flavor only fueling my passion.  I was trying to not fight my bondage predicament but it was a mental struggle.  All I wanted to do was hug you…kiss you deeply…and make you scream with my tongue.  That was not to happen tonight.

For what seemed like hours, you teased me to spoiled orgasm after spoiled orgasm each one more intense than the last and each with a little less cum.

Your feet, fresh from a pedicure, were used.  How you got your feet up to my mouth was indeed a mystery until you removed the blindfold after the session when I saw the step ladder leaning against the opposite wall.

The Hitachi wand with a cock sleeve was used for a spoiled orgasm. You used nothing but your nails to scratch a spoiled orgasm out of me.  You simply stroked me to another three spoiled orgasms before gripping the base of my cock with one hand and simply swirling your thumb just below the bottom of the head…right where the PA ring emerged.  No matter how hard I tried there was no thrusting, bouncing, or wiggling to get away from your relentless swirling.  The waist strap was brutally efficient.

As my body shuddered with the last attempt at an orgasm you released my cock and just giggled.  Awww…I think you are finally empty.  Another hearty laugh rang through the room:  Don’t move…I’ll be right back.

Leaving the room and returning with a bowl and washcloth you thoroughly clean and shave my crotch then unceremoniously locked the Steelheart back in place.

With the Steelheart firmly in place you begin removing each of the straps starting at my ankles after putting the steps back in place.

The best part of the evening was how tenderly and gingerly you helped me down from the cross.  My muscles were stiff but I didn’t care.  I let my hand slide down your now naked body to your ass only to be verbally reprimanded:  You are not allowed to touch me the remainder of the night.  I want you to bask in this feeling.  If you are good and don’t forget I might just let you put me on there tomorrow night….maybe.

We both threw on some pajamas and went down for some dinner.  After dinner, I curled up on your lap and was asleep in seconds completely spent.  The last thought I had before drifting off…don’t touch your Princess…she might look good strapped on the St. Andrew’s cross. 








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