Magical Evening

I have a “travel” post in my draft folder and will get it posted in the next day or so.  I would much rather write about the magical evening MrsL and I had last night.  It was almost worthy of a Disney movie…well maybe an X rated Disney movie if those things exist.

After 24 plus hours of flying and a 30 minute drive home Saturday it is fair to say I was exhausted.  MrsL had been at a Chamber of Commerce event most of the day Saturday and being out in the the first blast of summer heat had her exhausted as well.  I drudged in the house to find her asleep on the loveseat with 21 and his girlfriend curled up on the couch watching Maze Runner.  I tried to gently wake up MrsL but she was in a deep sleep.  I decided to scurry off for a quick shower so she could wake up slowly.

After my shower I went back downstairs to make sure she didn’t sleep there all night, even though she looked very content.  I extolled 21 to not stay up late, as it was already 1:30 a.m., before MrsL and I both lumbered back up to bed.  Needless to say, after she curled up on my chest we were both out for the count.  I don’t remember anything until MrsL woke me up rummaging around in the closet.  Light was streaming through the blinds and I was still very groggy.  As she went to walk out of the room I attempted to say something but my voice only squeaked a bit.  It was enough for her to hear so she turned around and smiled at me.  I asked her for the time and was completely surprised when she laughingly said it was 11:30 a.m.  I usually don’t sleep that late…I guess I was tired.

After a very late brunch with 21, his girlfriend (she stayed in the guest room and 21 stays in his room), and MrsL we all sat around almost in a vegetative state.  I caught myself nodding off so I hopped up and decided movement was imperative.  I knew if I fell asleep at any point in the day I would never sleep that night.  MrsL extolled me that she would clean up the kitchen but after explaining that if I didn’t keep moving at that exact moment I would be useless the rest of the day.  She smiled and remained in her recliner.

The lovebirds decided they were going to head over the Y for a swim about the time I finished the kitchen.  I knew MrsL wanted and needed a shave so I walked over, kneeled at her feet, and while gently swirling a thumb around the sole of each foot politely requested the honor of shaving her.  She beamed and my heart exploded.

I retrieved the necessary supplies from the kitchen as she disappeared upstairs.  I found her already lying on the bed on top of a towel glowing in her nakedness.

I always enjoy and relish in the art of shaving her pussy.  It is so intimate plus it always revs up her engines.  Today was no different.

After the hot towel cleaning to remove any left over shave gel I leaned in and gently kissed her pussy.  Her moan was an open invitation.  She had the soles of her feet touching with her legs spread open.  The erect penis touched her feet and she quickly wrapped them around the shaft and started wiggling her toes.  I nearly lost my composure right then but stayed focused on her pleasure.

Listening the rise and fall of her breathing rapidly explode into a long soulful moan as the first orgasm ripped through her body was powerful.  Even though it had only been 8 days it seemed like an eternity.

As she regained her breath and continued massaging the throbbing erection with her feet she sexily asked:

Does my knight want to have one last orgasm before I lock him back up in my Steelheart?

I didn’t hesitate!

I reached down to gently part her already wet labia and slid myself deep inside her with one thrust.  MrsL then wrapped her legs around my waist locking me in place and reached up to begin gently squeezing my nipples.

Make this a memorable orgasm…as it will be your last for a long while…..

It only took (I am straining against the Steelheart just writing this…how awesome is that) one or two thrust before I was erupting deep inside her warm wet pussy.  She flexed effectively milking every drop of cum from the penis inside her.  As she tightened her fingers on my nipples she smiled as she said, You know what you need to do…!

Her legs relaxed and I knelt at the side of the bed staring at her freshly shaved womanhood, lips still slightly parted, my cum and her juices oozing out of her body down toward her ass.

I placed my tongue on her little rosebud and began lapping up the wonderful sweet musky treat.  I buried my tongue deep inside MrsL a few times making sure she would have no reason to be upset when she stood up.  Of course, she had another powerful orgasm while I was cleaning her up.  That makes it even better.

As she stood up, she commented that I needed to shave before she locked me away.  She hopped in the shower as I set about the task of shaving.  After we both showered, I was instructed to lay on the bed and was secured back inside the Steelheart.  MrsL has really taken to putting in on me.

The kids were just getting back from swimming and after showers for them we went to dinner.  MrsL had a 9:00 p.m. workshop with her director and 21 took his girlfriend home.  Being on Indonesia time still, I was wide awake when she finished so we set up for a couple of hours to watch the season finales for a couple of shows I missed while overseas.  Around midnight, after 21 had disappeared up to his room to Skype with his girlfriend (it is so cute), MrsL and I trotted off to bed.  The magic started almost immediately!

I leaned over to let my mouth hover over the closest breast.  She gasped softly as the warm breath flowed over that breast as I let my lips hover tantalizingly close to the nipple.  She waited until my mouth was watering and a drip of hot saliva found its way onto the nipple.  She moaned deeply arched up and at the same time a hand forced my head down on her breast.

The moan faded to a low growl as she took a handful of hair and placed my mouth over the other breast.  I had to scramble to my knees beside her to ensure I could get where she wanted.  Again she waited, enjoying the warmth of my breath, until hot saliva dripped on to the nipple before slamming my mouth on her breast.  As my tongue swirled and flicked her breathing became more focused and she put her arms above her head.

I took this opportunity to kiss up around her neck as I worked my way to her mouth.  We kissed deeply and passionately for a long time, the Steelheart reminded me the evening was all about MrsL’s pleasure. As we kissed, she maneuvered herself into a position where her pussy was against my thigh.  The warmth of her slick pussy felt incredible as she began grinding against me.  She thrust, rolled, and squirmed on my thigh as I alternated my attention on her nipples until her first orgasm pulsed through her body.  She wrapped her legs around my thigh as she climaxed, her entire body quaking.  I knew the Steelheart was there but had forgotten all about its bite.

She then, through panting breath, asked me to use my fingers on her. I trailed a hand down her body letting two fingers gently caress the outer labia then down the inside of one thigh before tracing back up the other thigh.  Her voice became raspy and squeaky, a first, and my fingers landed on her clit.  She moaned, right there…play with me right there!

I nearly had an orgasm inside the Steelheart at that direction.  I kneaded her clit between two fingers for a few minutes watching her chest heave and collapse with each movement I made.  After a few minutes of this, MrsL took my head and placed it at her crotch.  I let my tongue take over for my fingers on her clit and let my fingers slide inside her pussy.  Again, she arched as OH MY GOD raced past her lips when her body pulsed through another orgasm.  I growled my pleasure.

Undaunted and obviously untiring, MrsL wheeled around on the bed and had me on my knees between her legs in a fluid movement worthy of a Jujitsu master.  All she said was MORE as my face was slammed against her dripping pussy.

I began lapping at her before sucking her engorged clit in my mouth.  I began a rhythmic bobbing motion where my tongue would begin inside her then I would lick up her slit, catch her clit in my mouth, then suck on it for a few seconds before popping it out of my mouth as my chin stroked up and over the clit had her moaning and squeaking again in no time.  I maintained this motion until the squeaking became a full on growl from deep inside MrsL as she climaxed with my tongue inside her covering my face in her orgasm!  It was, in a word, magic. I let go of my own guttural growl as I lapped up her sweet treat.

Three more orgasms later, MrsL pulled me up on the bed and curled up on my chest.  She rested a hand on the Steelheart:  You may never get out of this after that…goodnight.

She was asleep in seconds…thoroughly sated.  I lay there basking in the warmth and pride raging through my body.  I can’t remember ever hearing those sounds or seeing her body arch and heave in ecstasy as much as it did while I gave her pleasure.  Such magic.


8 thoughts on “Magical Evening

      1. It wasn’t so much the flight as the political unrest and the air. There were protest every day near our hotel, complete with fires in the street, which made the smog worse.

        Maybe if we went to Bali I might feel differently.

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      2. I have never thought about it before. However, pulling in to a military bomb detection checkpoint outside the hotel, then having to go through metal detectors, and finally a “maze” walk to get to the hotel makes one think.

        I’ve never felt uncomfortable anywhere until last week.

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  1. That was such a lovely story. I don’t think I could lock up Paul’s gorgeous cock. I need that far too much and his sweet cum inside me and in my mouth.

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