Greetings From Dallas

I am one third of the way on my trip to Indonesia. I am happy to report that all of this flying has indeed paid off. Upgrade came through for this portion…now have to wait and see what happens Saturday!

MrsL sent me off, in more ways than one, yesterday with a bang! 

I think she wanted me inside her as much as I wanted inside her. The beauty of our intimate morning is how she talked me right up to the orgasm.

As I woke her up we began cuddling and kissing. Not just good morning kisses…no…passionate deep soul fulfilling kisses. At one point I thought I was going to lose control even before the foreplay ended!

Once she was ready, she took the erect penis in her hand and skillfully guided it to the warmth of her pussy! Slowly now…I want you to enjoy and remember this. It may be a long time before you feel this again!


She was controlling me at this point. She asked me to lay still and she worked up and down the shaft squeezing and releasing her kegels expertly! When she finally stopped I started a slow rhythmic thrusting inside her. That is when she really took over.

Now, MrsL is not one to keep here eyes open during intercourse. She says closing them helps her really focus her senses. Not today!

Look at me and don’t look away or close your eyes. 

As my passion increased so did the pace and depth of my thrust into her wonderful warm wet pussy. 

Can you feel it?  It is building in your toes…I can feel them curling.  That tingling is rushjng up the inside of your thighs.

I was mesmerized. I don’t think I could have looked away even if I tried.

Now I can feel that tingling through your body onto my chest. Your brain is ready…is my cock ready.  Feel that surge in my balls…! Go ahead my knight…cum inside me!


Right as she said “cum” I erupted! My body shook and shuddered with each pulse of the cock depositing my cum in her. I collapsed on top of her thanking her profusely.

You know it is my turn, right. 

With that, she placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down her body. I showered kisses all the way down until my tongue found her parted labia where our combined body juices served as my appetizer before breakfast. Lapping, licking, and sucking, I helped her rocket through 4 strong orgasms. It was intoxicatingly satisfying!

After she pulled me back up beside her she reminded me that I will not come to bed when I get home without her Steelheart locked in place. 

Such an awesome morning. I hate that I am not with her on Mother’s Day but I think she is happy! I did leave her a fresh bouquet of flowers and her favorites chocolate truffles on the island in the kitchen. That will be the first thing she sees when she walks in the door.

Now; 13 hours to Tokyo, a 2 hour layover, then another 6.5 hours to Jakarta. 

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