Gearing Up For Travel

I’m just not ready for this trip!

Maybe it is because I’m having to leave on Mother’s Day meaning I can’t spend the day with her!

Maybe it is because we have had this on our radar since January and have asked for month’s to go take care of this but were told we needed to wait and let it play out.

Maybe it is because MrsL and 21 are leaving tomorrow to go spend the weekend with 26 in Charleston!

Maybe it is because my company has decided that only people with President and above titles can travel in business class on the companies dime….I have a 13 hour segment to Tokyo that is going to suck if my status doesn’t get me an upgrade!  (I hate people in leadership who insist on “do as I say not as I do…not leaders in my book)!  How is a person supposed to be expected to fly for travel for nearly 30 hours and be ready to work when they get off the plane?

Maybe it is because my companies travel agency couldn’t give me a straight answer on whether or not I needed a business visa to enter Indonesia.  So, I may get to immigration in Jakarta and be turned around.  I’ve been told I can buy a Visa on Arrival for $35 US Dollars since I am only there for 5 days.  We will see!

Whatever it is, I need to get over it quickly because I fly out at Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. I guess the only positive is that there will be some interesting people watching!

MrsL removed the Steelheart last night so I am ready to travel so I am back on the honor system.  Of course, I will not break her trust in me.

Neither of us were in the mood for anything so we just fell asleep curled up to each other.  It is going to be a very long week!


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