More reminders

I am so glad me and MrsL talked things through Friday during our drive to and from 21’s school.  Yesterday was a brilliant day, even with 21 here, and last night was a staggering reminder of who is in control.

Sunday mornings around here are rather slow moving lazy affairs for all.  On most Sundays, I wake up before MrsL (and now 21).  Being a newly minted British Premier League Football (soccer) fan I get to watch a complete match or two before anyone else comes downstairs.  Since we had been up early both Friday and Saturday I knew MrsL wanted to sleep.  She finally came downstairs around 11:30 toward the end of the second BPL match of the day, Arsenal v Man U.  21 had come down a few moments before her so we were all together.  After the match, I got up to go cut the grass and MrsL commented with a wry smile on her face:

I’m going to give you a break today…I’m going to take care of the laundry.  But, it will cost you later.  

I trotted off upstairs to put on some “yard” clothes and my phone chirped:  Plugged! 

I knew exactly what that meant so I grabbed the nJoy, got it inserted, and got dressed.  When I got downstairs, MrsL followed me in to the pantry leading to the garage and ran her finger down my spine inside my shorts to play with the nJoy.  As she playfully worked the nJoy she commented:

Oh, don’t forget to EDGE.

For the next 2.5 hours, I walked around the yard with mower, weed eater, edger (the one for the yard and the nJoy) all the while the neighbor was out cutting her yard as well.  Kind of fun knowing my little secret…plugged, caged, and leaking.

When I finished and went up to shower, MrsL informed me I was to leave the nJoy in place.  So, I showered and threw on some casual clothes and went downstairs to find MrsL folding a load of laundry.  I tried to help but she was not having any of it.

I said I would do the laundry today…and I know what it is going to cost you…later tonight!

Wow, talk about making the Steelheart full!  I was having to readjust as the ring was rather uncomfortable.  Remember it has been over 45 days since I had it on.

We went out for dinner and then came home.  MrsL had a 9:00 p.m. online training class and 21 went over to see his girlfriend so I sat on the couch watching baseball.  Glad I went to bed knowing the Yankees and Cubs went 18 full innings.  When 21 got home shortly after 11, as the Cubs were tying up the game in the bottom of the 9th, I was feeling the effects of being out in the sun for 2.5 hours along with the asthma attack I had leaving the restaurant so I kissed MrsL, told her and 21 goodnight, and headed up to bed.  Again, my phone chirped:  You can remove it…I WILL wake you up when I come to bed. 


Around midnight, MrsL rolled me over and began nibbling on my ear.  She then kissed down my neck over my shoulders and let her mouth find the closest nipple while a hand found the other nipple.

She bit, chewed, and pinched long enough to wake me up moaning.  Just as I thought she was rolling over to go to sleep I was shocked to see her heading for her jewelry box where she keeps the Steelheart key.

I knew it wouldn’t end well when the only thing she removed was the cage…the base ring stayed in place.

I was stroked, sucked, nibbled on, and ultimately gloriously frustrated with a spectacularly ruined orgasm.  She was stroking hard and slamming her hand against my balls.  As I was chanting close, close, close; MrsL’s impeccable timing took over and she let go seconds before the euphoria of an orgasm crashed around me like meteors hammering Earth!  Oh, there was a release of cum from my body but it was a slow oozing trickle lasting for what seemed like it took forever.

MrsL took her hand and scooped up the cum before brining her hand to my mouth.  I gleefully lapped her hand clean, even trying to give her a subliminal message by sucking her fingers as if sucking a cock.  She then used both hands to ensure she had squeezed every last ounce from me to clean up.

When she was satisfied, she grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom to clean off the penis and put the Steelheart tube back in place…gently kissing the tip of the steel as she locked it on.

I thought you needed another reminder of who owns your orgasms.  That spoiled orgasm was the price of me doing laundry.  Goodnight my Prince.  

She rolled over and I snuggled in behind her wrapping an arm over her ribs to rest a hand on a breast.  As I gently circled the erect nipple she drifted off to sleep.

There is absolutely no doubt we are back!

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