Just A Reminder

Friday night after a 6 hour round trip in the car together to go get 21 moved out of his dorm, MrsL came to bed with a reminder for both of us who was in charge.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo and we hadn’t planned on dinner we opted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant…at 7 p.m.  Big mistake!  We’ve never had to wait…well until Friday night.  It was packed.  This place is known for great food, drinks, and service.  Friday night was no different except for service.  Their staff was exhausted.  As we waited, MrsL struck up a conversation with the woman at the register.  She indicated they had a line waiting since 11:30 that morning non stop.  Of course, we saw lots of people we knew…including a set of triplets from up the street who aren’t yet 21 but were knocking down margarita’s like seasoned veterans.

What those people didn’t know was that I was at the restaurant wearing the nJoy plug at the direction of MrsL!

During the drive we talked about the drop in the “fun” we were having prior to the ED issues.  I told her I was really craving being her toy and that whether we were at home or out in public I really wanted that level of kink to come back.  So, when I told her I was in the mood for tacos and tequila she calmly told me we weren’t going anywhere until I had a plug in my ass.  I sprinted upstairs and slid the nJoy in place staying naked from the waist down to show her my compliance.  Then she really threw me for a loop:

Oh, leave the underwear off and go put on those terrycloth sweats I ordered for you.  I want to be able to see the (giggle) effects of that plug.  Go!

My heart raced.  Those terrycloth sweats are, well, light grey and revealing.   Needless to say I was both excited and nervous.   I know she is very private and this was a true departure that had me excited!  Needless to say, there was a well defined bulge when I came down evoking a smile from my Princess.

So, how long before that plug has you leaking…huh?  Come over here…I want to play with my cock before we leave.

MrsL slowly ran a finger around the outline of the semi erect penis which of course created an even bigger bulge.

I hope you calm down in the 5 minute ride to dinner.  She laughed and got up and walked off.

Dinner was great.  We had to wait about half an hour for a table and MrsL was backed up against me.  Yes, her hand found its way around to my crotch a couple of times.  Yes, she would grind her ass against the penis frequently.  Did anyone notice?  I think but who cares, right?

During dinner, MrsL used the foot on the inside of the table to continually caress my leg even running it up onto my crotch a time or two.  While we were eating, she insisted on more than one occasion I wiggle and squirm in the seat to ensure the nJoy was staying engaged against the prostate.  It was a wonderful dinner.  Of course the three margarita’s I had completely lowered any hint of embarrassment on my part and MrsL was all smiles. The bulge was still obvious.  I could tell my body was producing precum…I just didn’t want to look to see just how much.

When we were done with dinner and ready to leave I glanced down to see quite a noticeable wet spot.  Luckily we were in a booth near the front so not many people had a chance to see her handiwork.  We got home and she ordered me to strip in the pantry.  21 had stayed with his girlfriend and was getting home late so we had some playtime.  I was excited…in more ways than one.

She had me come in and sit at her feet.  She knows my absolute weak spot for teasing is her feet.  For nearly two hours she had me sucking and licking one foot at a time while the other foot skillfully played with her penis.  Damn!  I forgot just how energizing and ultimately frustrating it is being kept on the edge of orgasm.

Thankfully, we had an ETA from 21 so MrsL sent me off to bed 10 minutes before he arrived with instructions to remove the plug and put on the ankle & wrist cuffs.

When she came to bed I was immediately secured to the bed and the teasing continued.  She hasn’t teased me with her mouth and tongue for a few weeks.  Boy, did she make up for that absence!

I am not sure if she has been doing her own reading/research or what but she employed a couple of new “techniques” which drove me absolutely mad.  The first thing she did was simply kiss and lick the head.  Maddening!  She would do that for a few minutes then alternate with the other new sensation.  Intense nibbling up and down the shaft.  Her teeth would nip at the skin just enough for me to feel it.  It was amazing.  Incredibly, I only had to utter that damnable word “close” once.  She has long since figured out through the rise and fall of my breathing when I am on the precipice.  At one point, while she had taken the entire shaft in her mouth and was flicking her tongue back and forth on the base…I could feel a twitch in my balls.  She sucked all the way up the shaft and as the head popped out she clamped one hand at the base and used the other to pull my face up off the bed: eye to eye with her.

Don’t you dare cum without my permission, understand?  

All I could do was shake my head.  That was the most intense she has been while teasing me in a long time.  It was awesome!

I don’t know how many times I was on the verge of an orgasm only to be left wanting.  To say I was amped up and had a difficult time sleeping when she finally had her fill of teasing me would be an understatement.  What made it even more challenging…before she uttered the phrase that makes her off limits, “sweet dreams” she got out of bed and really surprised me.

MrsL does not like putting the Steelheart on me…well she didn’t!  She retrieved her Steelheart and very deftly had me back locked in steel in no time before releasing the cuffs.  Before snuggling in on my chest she straddled my body placing her wet pussy directly over the Steelheart.

You will be locked up until you leave in a week.  When you get back, the Steelheart goes right back on. 

She ground against the Steelheart a few minutes before her entire body shuddered with a strong orgasm.  When the euphoria evaporated from her body she looked at me smiled and uttered that damnable rule:  Sweet Dreams, my knight.

She curled up on my chest and was asleep in seconds.  I am a happy husband! 

Oh, and when we woke up early to go get 26’s old bed from his last apartment MrsL placed a hand on the Steelheart with this little gem:

Last night was just a reminder…that cock is mine.  Those balls are mine. Your orgasms are mine.  Don’t you ever forget, okay.  I love you.  

She gave me a quick kiss and hopped out of bed.  This was just the reminder I needed!

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