Big Step in a Positive Direction

I promise one day soon I will get back to writing sexy stories and chronicling our erotic lifestyle.  However, I feel compelled to update the situation with 26 and 21…both great news.

26’s interview went well Friday.  He didn’t get the Customer Service Representative job he applied for, and probably a good thing, but he did get offered a full time entry level job as a teller.  Baby steps.  He is excited and sounds the most positive he has since he left rehab in August.  His fraternity brother he moved in with and gave him the job  (let’s call him Curly as he has tight dirty blond curly hair) is fully aware of his situation.  The beauty is that Curly’s girlfriend is a recovering alcoholic and active in AA.  She drank herself through dental school and residency and went to rehab after finishing.  So 26 now has two positive role models helping him through moving on.  We are cautiously optimistic.

I can’t remember if I have talked about 21 and his new girlfriend…hell…his first ever girlfriend.  Well, if I have apologies for repeating the story.

He called us via FaceTime just before coming home for spring break to introduce his girlfriend.  He pulled her in to the picture and I recognized her immediately.  The two of them have been best friends since their freshman  year in college.  She rides to/from school with him for long breaks and they talk all of the time.  She has always had a boyfriend that was way more in to other things than school.  I don’t know what finally triggered them to start seeing each other…and he hasn’t offered any details…but when they told their friends they all said the same thing:  it’s about time.

She has been over here a couple of times and with school ending next Friday I am sure we will see more of the two of them over the summer.

So, our kinky lifestyle will be somewhat muted for the next couple of months but that is okay.  Chastity is discreet!

8 thoughts on “Big Step in a Positive Direction

      1. Spoke to him today. He is doing well…antsy because the job thing is taking a little longer than expected…but well. Actually said it was worth “grinding through” the next few weeks until his hearing to get his license back. Curly seems to be working his mind as well as his muscles!

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      2. Well, good news. He got the job at the bank. He found himself with three options all at once as two other places called him for interviews: a butchers market and a lab looking for chemistry techs.

        Hopefully, this will be the break he needs. Now to get his license reinstated.

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