Here’s the Latest

Well, the move went well.  26 is in his new digs with his fraternity brother/landlord.  The job thing is not going so smooth and he is already doubting himself and hinting at “running” again.  I’ve told him there is nowhere to run.  Grow up and find a job.

Basically, even though his fraternity brother is the hiring manager his “fictitious ID charge” which was dismissed shows on his background check.  The bank HR manager obviously doesn’t know federal law on background checks and disqualified him for that charge.  You can only use “convictions” as a discriminator not dropped charges.  So, I called him and let him know what his rights were and he is going to talk it over with his fraternity brother.  There is also the potential that the fraternity brother may be leaving this bank for another privately held bank and he doesn’t want to get 26 on at this bank then leave him.

26 is now wearing out Indeed and applying for jobs that are a fit for him.  I also told him he should go apply with Carnival Cruise lines since there is a cruise port in Charleston.  He could work a 3-6 month contract, save most of his earnings, then decide if he wants to do another contract with them or move on.  He is exploring that option.

He was further down the relapse road than he wanted to admit…but…he finally did.  He has not used in a month so every day is a good day.

MrsL and I had some serious ups and downs over the past week.  However, she did allow me a full orgasm deep inside her Sunday morning at the hotel we stayed at instead of driving home late Saturday night.  The best part…once I stopped shuddering from the pleasure she grabbed a handful of hair and insisted I clean every drop of my cum out of her!  AWESOME!!!  She has been pretty consistent with rewarding me with orgasms every 14 days here recently.  I am really getting too comfortable with the freedom…too much touching/stroking.

I have a trip to Jakarta coming up next month and we have decided once I get back I will go right back in the Steelheart and the travel cage will make a return as well.

I’m exhausted after two straight 15 hour days.  Off to bed.  More details to come soon.

2 thoughts on “Here’s the Latest

  1. Love it when she stays with her dominant self and “forces” the cleanup that is due her. I know I want to before it happens, but that waning desire after cumming is always present. Love when she insists – I suspect you have a similar feeling about that as well.

    Glad things are going well…

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