Insertable Toys

MrsL came to bed last night and went into this story about a movie she had watched this week. No it was not porn but close. I didn’t ask the name of the movie but really dint care.

Apparently, the young couple were exploring a little “R” rated kink as the woman had purchased one of those remote controlled vibrating eggs. When she presented the remote to her boyfriend once they were at a family function…he somehow loses it or otherwise sits in down. A young kid picks it up and begins pushing buttons. 

She was telling me all of this as she was playing with my nipples. I was hard as a damn steel rod. Then I got even harder when she said:

I think one of those might be fun…

Okay…I had to clear my head for a minute! Then I asked: “Does that mean you want me to buy one?”   Her answer took me even more over the edge…I mean the penis was twitching and I was having to clench to avoid a ruined orgasm.

Well vibrators have never worked on me but the excitement of being in public…well…

Her voice trailed off as her hand found the stiff penis. I mentioned to her that a toy like that could be used by either of us on the other. Cupping my balls in her hand she giggled and said, I know.

She then invoked the sweet dreams rule after telling me she wanted clean tomorrow morning as she was going to make me wear the Aneros device out to the local Scottish Games event we are planning on going to on Saturday.  

Not sure how that is going to work out but it will be fun! 

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