The Trend Continues

MrsL continues has come to bed the past three nights with lust in her eyes and a plan.  I am so glad my body is finally ready to match her desires.

I guess I was truly exhausted last night because I didn’t wake up when she climbed in bed.  What got my attention…her lightly stroking the inside of my thigh with a finger.  She traced up and around the base of the balls never once touching the scrotum or penis.  This area is one of the hottest erogenous zones on my body.  This glorious touching went on until the penis was fully engorged.  She deftly removed the curved barbell from the piercing before proceeding.

MrsL got up and straddled my body trapping the erect penis against my body with her wet pussy.  She then launched in to a few minutes of nipple play keeping me focused on what she was doing.  She would lightly nibble on one while crushing the other between her fingers then switch.  Even with the nipple play, I couldn’t keep from feeling her gentle grinding on the trapped erect penis.

When she was ready she reached down under her body to grip the shaft for a few strokes before sliding her hand down the balls.  A long hard squeeze created a much harder shaft for her to then direct inside her.  Long slow rhythmic strokes felt wonderful for both of us.  I tried thinking of anything but that feeling in an attempt to stave off the tingling twitch in my groin signaling an impeding orgasm.  That worked for awhile but it wasn’t long before I was uttering close for the first time.

MrsL stopped and sunk all the way down on the penis and sat there giving me a few seconds to gather myself…then she would start again.   With the removal of the trees in our front yard, the soft glow of the street light beamed through the slightly open windows of our room.  That soft light made her skin shimmer and gave me enough light to see her eyes.  Her eyes were smiling.  After building me up with three more near misses with shorter time between each one I was finally at the point where I didn’t think I could contain the pressure of the orgasm wanting to escape my body.

The last time I uttered close, MrsL increased her intensity and pace.  She smiled and uttered one word:  enjoy!

I felt the intense pleasure of that orgasm roar from the tip of the penis, down the shaft, through the groin, before it curled my toes so much I got a cramp in one of my feet.  With 21 at home and his room on the other side of the wall opposite our bed I was doing my best not to yell out from the pleasure of the orgasm mixed with the pain of the foot cramp.  MrsL’s reaction…well…she was laughing with pleasure.  It was both intensely erotic and fabulously funny.

Rolling off of me, I was pleasantly surprised when MrsL went straight to the bathroom to retrieve a hand towel.  As she returned to begin cleaning me up with the towel she smiled at me saying: This is not your bonus…I am just feeling generous.  You will clean up the next one. I’m still trying to decide what I want your bonus to be…you’ll know when I figure it out. 

As deftly as she had removed the barbell, MrsL replaced the piercing.  She crawled in to bed and uttered the two words I don’t like hearing:  Sweet Dreams. 

Damn!  I begged for several minutes to be allowed to give her orgasms.  After a threat of being ordered in to the Steelheart I gave up and curled up behind her.  We were both asleep in seconds.

I hope her hunger for the penis continues.  However, now that I am confident the performance issues appear to have cleared up I really want to be locked back up.  The one thing I am sure of…I am HAPPY with whatever she WANTS…unlocked or locked!

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