The ED Issue

I am currently sitting in the neighbor’s house dog sitting.  We started this lovely practice of trading dog sitting when ours were still with us.  While I enjoy having the interaction with their dog…it is not the same.  Not to mention, he is an aging French Bulldog and has the energy of an octogenarian.

I have been trying to puzzle out the last two nights…where did the erections come from?  The issue appeared to clear itself up out of the blue Wednesday night in the hotel. I was cruising through Tumblr and found a great blog about Key Holding & FLM.  Halfway through the first post, which was a treatise on how to move your man into full submission, I found the penis surging to an erection.  Full disclosure, I did take the opportunity and gave it a few strokes but did not masturbate to an orgasm.  It felt good to have a hard cock in my hand and I was tempted.  Knowing MrsL would certainly notice the drop in hormones I let the hard cock go, closed my Surface Book, and went to bed.

The reaction to her coming to bed the past two nights had me puzzled…until…I thought about one key change.  I have been taking the meds for the enlarged prostate for just over 3 weeks.  I remember asking the urologist when we discussed the diagnosis of enlarged prostate if that could have been causing the ED issues.  He said, “probably not” but wouldn’t rule out it being part of the issue.  When I tried the Cialis, I had not taken the other meds for more than a couple of days.

All I know at this point is a couple of things:

  1. The overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom immediately after drinking anything.
  2. The past two nights have been fantastic.  The firmness in the erection wasn’t quite as strong last night but it lasted longer.

MrsL asked me yesterday if I had slipped a dose of Cialis from under her nose which I had not and proved to her.  I can only hope the enlarged prostate meds were the issue…who knows?  Until then we are both happy with the past two nights.

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