Weekend Visitor…

What started out as a promising weekend came to a somewhat whimpering end at 3:30 with one single text:  “We are not alone this weekend…”

MrsL had to get up and take 26 back to his apartment; ultimately, to work yesterday morning.  When she left it was overcast and raining.  By about 10 a.m., the rain had ended the sky was bright and I got a Snapchat from MrsL that sent a surge through my body:  “I need a picture of you naked in 30 seconds.  You will remain that way all weekend.”

I scrambled to get undressed so I could send my wonderful wife the photograph she requested.  That is the great thing about working at home!  I was on the phone with my boss when she got home but rest assured she came upstairs and checked to ensure I was still as she wanted.  She even came over to fondle her balls playfully.  So much fun.

Throughout the day, there was plenty of playful texting.  Anytime I had to go downstairs she would insist I stand in front of her so she could play with “her toys”.  If she was in her office she played with her hands and mouth.  After she finished her work and was on the sofa with the recliner up she played with her feet.  The most encouraging part of her playing was any hint of the past few weeks issues with performance never reared their head.  There were at least a half dozen times I had to utter that frustrating word, “close” with all of them ending with me licking precum from her fingers or toes then being unceremoniously sent back to work.

I had found a Groupon in my email for tickets to see The Dan Band, a comedy show of all men performing songs made famous by women, and we had planned to go.  MrsL even hinted that the plug may be required.  I was really amped up about the possibilities.

When I finished my last call for the day at 3:30 I sent her a text:  “I’m done for the weekend. I am all yours, Princess.”    Obviously, the anticipation of the night and weekend were mounting.  Her reply, mentioned in the opening paragraph, washed over me like a cold rain.  I walked downstairs to be told 21 was on his way home.  We both knew he was coming home but thought it was next weekend…well it is both weekends.  Damn!

I rolled with the punches knowing we could still have some fun at bedtime.  I leaned over to give her a kiss, forgetting I had not shaved in about 36 hours, and was summarily pushed away: After a 20 minute time out you better find a razor.  Go! 

Okay, I get it.  I was lazy yesterday morning and didn’t shave.  Yeah, I forgot and tried to kiss her anyway.  No, it wasn’t on purpose.

After the time out and shaving I scampered back downstairs to start cleaning up the kitchen.  We had just unpacked her car from her vendor event the night before so the kitchen was a complete mess.  She came in to keep me focused as I cleaned by running her fingers over my sore nipples then down my ribs before finding my swollen aching balls.  After gently rolling them in between her hands for a few moments, quite the experience, she began dragging her nails down my back all the way over my ass.  It was fantastically erotic.  Anytime I would stop for a split second to enjoy what was happening I was rewarded with a sharp slap to the same ass cheek.  I was loving it.

Alas, as time melted away I had to get clothes on.  The timing was just about perfect as 21 came walking in about 10 minutes after I got dressed.  We went out for dinner since we didn’t plan on cooking.  Afterwards, we watched the South Carolina Women advanced to the finals then watched a little Yankees vs Braves before I started dozing on the couch beside her.  I scampered off to bed around 11 as she was texting with 26.  He was helping one of his buddies from rehab try to find a place to get his brother in to detox as he had OD’d.  This shit is out of control.

When she came to bed there was an immediate repeat of Thursday night.  She was hungry and I was the meal.  When she finally told me she wanted me inside her I nearly erupted.  I even removed the PA curved barbell because the piercing was a bit sore from the rough treatment last night with the circular barbell still in place. As she rolled on her back and spread her legs her face lit up at my actions:  You just earned a bonus for taking that out.

Of course my mind immediately went to being granted an orgasm.  That was not to be!

MrsL now insist on, after some initial thrust, me burying myself inside her and staying completely still while she pinches or chews on my nipples and milks the penis with her pussy.  I don’t have words to adequately describe just how powerfully erotic and controlling her actions are when she does this.  It is as if she is forcefully pushing me out of her just to the head…then slowly pulling me back inside her.  She will do this for several minutes then tell me how I am allowed to fuck her: slowly, shallow, deep, or hard.  I follow her instructions, listening to her moan and purr, until I have to say close and have to pull out of her for a few seconds.

I am not sure what switched off over the past 2 days…maybe it was all mental…maybe it was self induced stress…maybe.  I don’t know what caused all of the ED issues recently but they have cleared for now.  I was able to stay hard for awhile last night.  Long enough that I resorted to begging for an orgasm last night.  I have not begged to cum in a long long time because MrsL forbids it.  The last time I begged, she stopped whatever we were doing and said no more thus implementing the “close” rule.  Last night, I was desperate and it has only been 21 days since my last orgasm.  MrsL was in a playful mood last night.  The first “please may I cum” request last night was met with a quick and hearty NO then laughter.

I completely forgot how cute you are when you beg.  I actually liked that. 

Over the next few minutes, the whimpering and begging magnified.  The caveman brain nearly took over but I resisted.  The beauty of her saying no my body was on the cusp of cascading over to a full orgasm was exquisite.  We even changed positions a couple times ending up with me standing over her with her legs on my shoulders rubbing the penis up and down her labia.  When she was ready, she forced me to my knees with her legs.  MrsL rolled through four orgasms in no time before pushing me away with a foot.  She asked me to stand then took both feet to clean the precum from the penis.  I lapped at her feet for a few minutes making sure they were clean before climbing in bed.

“Princess, you didn’t give me a bonus.”

I didn’t say when or what your bonus would be did I?  If you thought it was going to be an orgasm, tonight, well that was way too easy.  You will get your bonus when I am ready to give it to you…now “sweet dreams.” 

Damn, not only did she deny me and thoroughly enjoy my begging she completely employed a bit of mind fuckery with the whole bonus thing.  I LOVE IT!!!

Even though we are not alone…we still had a great time!

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