I am not sure if the performance issues will go away for good; however, last night I felt like a 20 something all over again….without a shot, without Cialis, or without Viagra.

MrsL came to be around 1 after watching a couple of episodes of Big Little Lies with 26.  We had all watched Fences, Denzel Washington at his best, after dinner and getting caught up on Criminal Minds.  It was 11:30 p.m. when that ended.  Both of them are night owls so when he found Big Little Lies on demand and started episode one…I kissed MrsL and headed off to bed.

I was very tired and didn’t know if I would wake up when she came to bed…needless to say I woke up when she walked in at 1:00 a.m.

She knew what she wanted and got it!  For me, all I wanted was to make her happy.  Several minutes of intense passionate kisses put a charge in the penis.  For the next hour or so MrsL stroked, sucked, and rode her hard cock.  She told me three or four times that I was not allowed to cum…the most intense time she was riding me hard and as I started to tell her I was close…she put a hand under my chin pulling my eyes to hers:  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM…then went back to riding the stiff cock.  I was chanting close with every other stroke.

I had several of those “full body orgasms” (the physical reaction of having an orgasm: body tensing up, shaking, toes curling…etc. )  but never ejaculated.  This has happened to me before but last night was intense.

I finally begged her to let me make her cum.  She rolled off of me pulling my hair as she did and planted my face in her wet hot tasty snatch!  She had the first of 3 strong orgasms within moments.  The penis remained hard and dripping the entire time.

When she was sated she told me to stand up where she found the still 75% erect penis dripping with precum.  She spun around and used her feet to clean off the precum then stuck them up to my mouth!  Awesome!!

I’m not sure what today…or the remainder of the week, weekend, month, year…will hold but last night was incredible.  I do know this…I want to be locked back in her Steelheart sooner rather than later!

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